This Is Our song

Milenisa Casey Brooke. People just call me Casey for short. I'm 14 years old, my life is complicated. School is complicated. My own home is complicated. Maybe I am over exaggerating but I am sure.

Casey.Brooke.+Niall.Horan.=<3 Love


3. Chapter 3

Casey’s POV

Ugh. For so many days, why is it that Camilie planned to go to the Carnival this day! And she’s with Christopher!

I can’t enjoy this day because of Chris, I was avoiding him for so many reasons it would most likely take a day to explain why I hate him in detail. I don’t want to see his face. 

“Oh, where is he?” I said in my mind. I was searching him here at the top. “Oh there they are.” They were at the roller coaster lane. I think they will ride that.
“Miss, is there something wrong?” Then the boy next to me asked.
“O—Oh nothing.” I smiled.
“Are you looking for something?” It was like he was reading me like a book.
“er--no.” I said quite sheepishly.
“Alright. What’s your name?”
“I’m Casey. Casey Brooke.” I said.
“Oh, what a beautiful name. My name is Niall. Niall Horan.”
“It is nice to meet you, Niall.” Trying to sound nice.
“Nice to meet you too, Casey.” Then we shake hands, his hand was warm, which made a me feel safe next to him.
“By the way, is that your friends?” He pointed Lily and Kate from the other cabin.
“Yes. They are, they are quite nice but when it comes to teasing they can really hurt your feelings, but if you know them like I do, you know they would do nothing to hurt you.” I said, feeling quite relived I can talk to a stranger. 
“Okay, there’s my pals over there. Daniel and Kyle. They were so cool, and they are jokers. You’ll not be bored when you’re with them.” He kind of blushed when you was talking about them, he is so sweet by far, but NO - what am I saying Casey. No. You're not falling for a guy. Never.
“Yeah.” Then we laughed. “By the way, who’s the person you’re avoiding to a while ago?”
“Who?” I tried acting like I didn't know what he was talking about, but there is something about him- I just don't know how to explain it.
“That guy over there? The one with the red cap?" He pointed.

“Oh, he’s my ex boyfriend." I admitted.

“Aw. I don’t want to open up the topic. Sorry.”

“It’s okay. Don’t worry.”
“Thanks.” He smiled.
“Sure. Anyway, how old are you Niall?” I asked.
“I’m 15. You?”
“I’m 14.”I replied.
“Where do you li—“
“I’m sorry for interrupting your conversation ma’am and sir but your ride is over.” The operator said. I didn’t even know we stopped!
“Oh, I’m sorry.”
“Casey, let’s go.” Niall lend his hand to help me to go outside the cabin.

Niall’s POV

Okay, so I am stuck inside a ferris wheel cabin with a strange girl. I found her, beautiful. She has an angelic face. But she looks like she’s searching something at the ground.

“Hey miss, what’s your name?” She didn’t look.
“Miss, is there something wrong?” I said.
“O—Oh nothing.” Then she smiled at me. She’s really beautiful.
“Are you looking for something?”
“No.” She replied too quickly. I knew something was up, but I was so curious.

Later the ride I found out her name is Casey and she is 14, and she is avoiding her ex- boyfriend, at first it was quite strange talking to her because I did not know much about her and I still don't  but, she seemed so nice, well beautiful, I couldn't help the thought of knowing her get away. We was having so much fun we didn't notice the ride stopped. I wanted to know her more.

"Casey, let’s go.” I lend my hand to help her to go outside the cabin.

“Okay.” she simply replied, I hope I don't make it sound like I am desperate....

But one thing I knew. She is special. When I saw her there was these random lyrics that popped into my head. 

I need to know her more.

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