This Is Our song

Milenisa Casey Brooke. People just call me Casey for short. I'm 14 years old, my life is complicated. School is complicated. My own home is complicated. Maybe I am over exaggerating but I am sure.

Casey.Brooke.+Niall.Horan.=<3 Love


2. Chapter 2

Casey's POV


I arrived at the carnival, it feels like a different world here, like the only existence is happiness. I love all the magical colours and--

"Casey" I turned around finding Kate, she was wearing a mini skirt with a crop top, she had dark black hair and dark eyes.

Next to her was Lily she is so sweet she had a dress that came up to her knees and she had blonde hair with pink highlights, she is the most responisble, tidiest teenager I ever met--

"Casey" Lily was clicking her fingers in front of my face.

"Uh-hm, oh sorry I was- wa--s". I mumbled trying to finish my sentance.

"Was....?" Kate tying to make my words come out.

"Er--em I was day dreaming again.. I am sorry" I finally finished.

"Sometimes, I wonder what's going in that mind of yours.." Kate said teasing me again, we all started laughing. 

***                                        ***

"Lets go on the Terror of Doom, please, please Lily" Kate literally begged on her knees, Lily is like our older sister, even though she is like only 2 years older than us, everyone started taking quick peeks at us while they were walking.

"Alright, we can go, are you gonna come Cas...?" Right then I spotted, 'him', 'Christopher', with my cousin, they were gonna go on the same ride as Kate and Lily .

"No, you guys go ahead, I am going go that way, meet me near the ferris wheel, I want to go on that next" I simply replied, I started running the oppistie direction, running faster coming closer and closer, to the ferris wheel.

When I reached the ferris wheel, I looked around finding a candy floss stand, I started walking towards the candy floss stand, I checked my back pocket for some cash, I then remembered Lily had my money because apparently I am not 'responsible' enough.

I just stood next to the stand like a tree watching people come and go. After I saw this boy looked around my age with blonde hair, he went a begged his friend next to him for candy floss.

"No Niall we need to go on the terror of doom first then I promise I will buy your candy floss" His friend said, giving the 'I know this would of happened look', the Niall boy gave the pouty face. This reminded me of Kate and Lily. 

Finally I stopped day dreaming again! I received a text from Kate.

From: Kate

Where are you!!! Lilz is freaking out ?? I thought you were near the Ferris Wheel?

To: Kate 

I was gonna have a snack!! But I dont have no money coz apparently I am not responsible. You guys stay there I would be there. 

From: Kate 

Alright. x 

I started making my way back to the Ferris Wheel. There was not a long que. There was only 3 boys and me, Kate and Lily, hopefully there is three seats.

It was our turn to go on, Kate and Lily went in one, just when I was going to enter..

"Sorry there is only two seats availble for one cabin, you got to go with the person behind you". The next cabin came down.

"Bu- but", I couldn't finish my sentance because Christpher was near the ferris wheel with Camilie. No. NO NO NO. I quickly climbed the cabin, the person behind me climbing in, why me?


Niall's POV


I arrived, the carnival, it was so crowded. The smell of fresh hot dogs, and pop corn and.. Then I saw it Me candy floss, I rushed over to the stand.

"Please, please, please. Buy me candy floss, I forgot to get me money!" People were staring and there was a girl near there staring at me like I've lost my mind, but who cares. CANDY FLOSS IS ALL I COULD THINK OF NOW!

"No Niall we need to go on the terror of doom first then I promise I will buy your candy floss" Daniel said, giving the 'I know this would of happened  look', l gave my best pouty face.

"Fine, go stand in line" Daniel said. I was cheering like a little kid.


Finally I finished my candy floss and Kyle wanted to go to the Ferris Wheel, we all  lined up, there was not a long que there was us and three girls standing infront of us.

Kyle and Daniel was talking with each other. The two girls went in the cabin and the just when the other girl was going to go in--

"Sorry there is only two seats availble for one cabin, you got to go with the person behind you". Great now I have to go on the ferris wheel. The girl was not gonna go in but she saw someone. I can see the fear in her eyes. She couldn't say another word so she climbed in the cabin and I just followed her in.

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