This Is Our song

Milenisa Casey Brooke. People just call me Casey for short. I'm 14 years old, my life is complicated. School is complicated. My own home is complicated. Maybe I am over exaggerating but I am sure.

Casey.Brooke.+Niall.Horan.=<3 Love


1. Chapter 1

Casey’s POV

Hey I’m Casey I’m like any other teenager. I got my heart broken once and I don’t want to take any chances. I don’t want to relive everything all over again I don’t want to see all those same mistakes that people make.

I have a family but to them, I don’t exist. They don’t notice me. I am a no one to them. A stranger.
My cousin came a few years ago to live with us, she came for her studies and everything she does is perfect, I don't hate her, but since she came all the attention went to her. She is the daughter my mum and dad always wished for but never got. I guess that’s pretty much my life.I am Casey.Casy Brooke.

I woke up, same routine. Wash my face, brush my teeth, comb my long wavy hair but I’ve got curls at the bottom. You can say I’m quite short compared to my friends, but oh well, I am also youngest out of my friends, but only by months, my friends always make sure they make me fit in and they quite tease me a lot.
“Hey Cas"I was intrupted by Camilie. My cousin. I turned around seeing perfection. She is just perfect the way she is. She got ginger hair with freckles. She is thin and she is just perfect, I am shocked she is still single.

“Hey Camilie.”Right then, I got a text.

“Who’s that?” She raised an eyebrow.

“Some friends.”

“Oh okay, by the way, I’m going somewhere later.”


“I’m with my friend, Christopher.”

“Christopher who?”

“Christopher Hunter.” WHAT?! What the fuck! How did they know each other?! “Why is that your face looks so shocked? Do you know Christopher?”


“Okay then. Want to come?”

“ ..bu. Busy.” I finally made the  words come out.

“Alright bye.” She gave me a strange look and headed to the door.

I can feel my face becoming hot, is like i was going to burst hot flaming lava.The thought of Christopher wanted me to kill my self.My eyes went blurry then one by one tears started making their way down.

Then I remembered the text.

From: Kate
Wanna come with me at the carnival? It will be fun.

The carnival… Sounds fun.

To: Kate
Sure! What time?


From: Kate
6 pm. Just text Lily too and ask her if she wants to come. I think she doesn’t have anything to do.

To: Kate
Okay then! See you later.

Niall's POV

Hey! I am Niall James Horan. You can call me Niall, or Nialler... I am a bit tall, my height is 5 foot 7 inches. I love eating, I can't stop eating, like right now I am eating a ham sandwhich.

I have blonde hair. I can play the guitar. I also love to sing. I am 15 years old. I am like any other teen and I love my food so no one touch my food if you don't want to get hurt.

- My mind is warrior

My heart is a foreigner

My eyes are the colour of red like the sunset.

I woke up in the morning realizing I had my beats on. Grade 8 by Ed sheeran playing. I took off my beats and sat right up on my bed. I stood up and fetched my guitar from the corner of the room and sat back down on my bed.

I started playing a tune and each note I played came back flooding old memories. The time when I met Daniel, my best friend. The fun times with my brother Greg.

"Niall come and eat your cereal." My mum interrupted my thoughts. Wait did she just say cereal. I rushed to the kitchen within seconds.

"Mummy I want me cereal, give me cereal." I repeated it about five or six times giving a pouty face. My mum came with a whole big cereal. Yum! Just then I had a text. 


Who texted me? Don't need to ask bacause as usal it was Daniel.

Dude! The carnival just opened yesterday. So I’m planning to go there, want to join me?

Hmm.. Since I’m bored, I will come.

To: Daniel
Sure bro! What time?


From: Daniel
6 pm. I just texted kyle,he said he will come too.

To: Kyle
6 pm is perfect. Okay then, see you later guys.

After that, I got  myself prepared. I’m wearing black jeans, white shoes and white t- shirt with the word “PUNK”. This is totally cool. I looked at the clock and it’s already 5:45.

I went downstairs then I saw my older brother Greg, he was cooking, for himself .

“Hey Greg, where’s mom?” I asked, wondering.

“She’s outside. Wait, why are you dressed?”

“I’m going somewhere?”

“Where? Meeting a girl?” He raised an eyebrow.

“NO!” I said getting annoyed.

“Alright , alright don't go red as a pumpkin when I ask about girls. Okay. Then where you going?”

“To the carnival. I’m bored here.”

“Okay. Take care, bro.” I waved, as a response.

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