Summer Love

A retelling of Severus' first and only love, Lily Evans.


5. What Happens Outside of the Castle Walls Stays There

Years passed. James tried to get Lily as he said, but every time, Lily denied him. Severus was glad, but he was also mad at James for being so mean. To try and woo Lily, James always tortured him. It just wasn't right. But Lily saw a change in Severus, as well, and any romantic feelings she might have once had were gone. She denied his requests, as quickly as she did James, claiming she "just wanted to be friends". It frusterated Severus, his unrequited love for Lily, but he did his best to hide it.

"Hey, Snivilus!" James said one day. He and his group of friends were coming up the hill for him, laughing and joking. James held out his wand, and Severus' black book, adorned with a seemingly glowing green skull, dropped into the nearby river. Severus looked up. "HEY!" he yelled. "What's your problem?"

James' group laughed, and his wand went from the river to Severus. "Who would like to see me remove Snivilus' trousers?" the group laughed.

Severus found himsef upside-down in midair. "Put- me- down-" he gasped. James snuck a glance at Lily. She was across the field, reading a book. As she realized what was going on, she dropped her book and came running.

"James! Put him down!" she yelled.

"Lily! Glad you could join the party. I will put him down, if you-"

"Forget it, James. I've said this before. There is no way you can convince me to go out with a creep like you or anyone in your little gang." She pulled out her own wand. "Expelleramus!" she said, pointing at James. His wand flew out of his hands and he tumbled backward. Lily turned to Severus, who was falling back down. "Immobilus! Gently- there." She set him back on the ground. But by now, James' gang had started butting in. One boy, short and fat with rat-like features, jabbed his wand at Severus and yelled something to try to get him to disappear, but instead just knocked him into the river. SPLASH! He landed, posterior-first into the murkey waters. He came up spluttering, his own wand ready to blast James' head off.

 "Accio!" James screamed at Severus. Severus glided toward him in a hover. When he was near enough, James tried to sock Severus in the nose, but Severus ducked, and he got one of his friends in the gut instead. The kid cringed and fell on his bottom.

"Reversio!" yelled Lily, pointing at Severus. The accio charm stopped, and he plopped on the ground.

"Silencio!'' one of James' friends, Sirius, Lily remembered, yelled at Lily. Her throat became sore all of a sudden, and she tried to counter the curse but her voice was gone, leaving her magic helpless.

"Petrificus totalus!" Severus yelled at James, who's legs and body stuck together, leaving him immobile.

Siris jabbed his wand at James, yelling "Protego!" the full body-bind curse deflected, James jumped up, and Severus became immobile.

The short little kid grabbed Lily and tossed her to the ground, but she jumped up, grabbed his wand, and knocked him to the ground. She pointed to her throat with her own wand and concentrated hard on getting her voice back. When she felt the soreness disappaer, she pointed at the kid and yelled, "Rictusempra!" the boy started laughing as if he were being tickled. He laughed so hard he collapsed on the ground and Lily turned on Severus. "RELASHIO!" he jumpedc up, free from the curse, and she tossed the short kid's wand at him.

"Flipendo!" he yelled. James went flying, doing a flip in midair.

"Finite Incantatum!" Yelled Lily. All curses and charms suddenly halted. James flew and landed gently on the ground. The short kid stopped laughing and stood up, still flushed pink. Severus' book, totally dry, and wand returned to him, and the short kid's wand flew back to him. Severus went totally dry, and James stood up shakily. "Everyone stop! Don't you see? All you're doing is hurting each other!" She turned to Severus. "Come on, Sev. Let's get to class."

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