Summer Love

A retelling of Severus' first and only love, Lily Evans.


4. The Sorting of Friends

As soon as they reached the school, the first-years were all crowded into the dining hall. Severus took Lily's hand gently, and Lily didn't pull away. She was scared, too. "What is this test thing everyone's talking about?" she whispered.

"It's nothing, really, they're just going to sort you into your houses. I'm probably going to be in Slytherin, maybe we can be there together?" he said.

"When will we find out?" she asked nervously.

"They call us up, one by one, in random order, and put that hat on us. The hat will yell out the house you'd do best in." he whispered.

Together, they watched as a few students got sorted. A small, blonde girl in Hufflepuff- ("Is that a house?" Lily asked. Severus nodded. "Usually just if they don't know where to put you, you go there," he explained.) Some kids, most wearing ties and glasses in Ravenclaw- ("where the nerdy brainiacs go,") James, his new friend Sirius, the short kid Lily saw on the train, and some others in Gryffindor- ("usually stuck up and confident") and a few Slytherins ("where those who are street-smart and sly go").

"Severus Snape," the young, yet stern teacher named Professor Almerson called. Severus gave Lily's hand a squeeze and whispered, "see you soon, hopefully you can be in Slytherin with me," and let her go. He stepped up the platform and sat on the stool. The hat was silent for a second, then a small voice said, "hmm..." in his head. "where to put you? You say you're sure you're going to be put in Slytherin, eh? Mum and Dad- the Prince girl and the Snape guy, huh? Hmm... yes, Slytherin would do you well... but there's bravery, lots of courage, potential for Gryffindor..." Not Gryffindor! thought Severus. Slytherin, please! "Not Gryffindor, eh? Well, you clearly aren't loyal, so it'd better be SLYTHERIN!" The last part was aloud, and there was a cheering from the green table in the corner. Severus went over to sit there with his new schoolmates. As he watched, the rest of the crowd thinned out, and all that was left was Lily, a girl Severus recognised as Minerva McGonagal, and a couple of others. Each one went up until Lily was the last one.

"Lily Evans!" called Almerson. By now, Severus was the only one really watching. Lily sat on the stool and the hat was placed. He knew it was deciding where to put her. "Slytherin, please put her in Slytherin..." he murmured.

And the hat's mouth opened- "GRYFFINDOR!"

Severus cringed and looked away. Crap. Of course, he makes ONE friend, and she gets put with that James boy.

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