Summer Love

A retelling of Severus' first and only love, Lily Evans.


6. Potions with a Slug and a Worm

As they walked back to class together, Lily and Severus were both silent. For a while, neither had anything much to say. Finally, as they were passing the Transmogrophy-slash-Night Skies room, maybe a ten-minutes walk from the Gryffindor portrait hole, where Severus was walking Lily to, Severus finally spoke.

"Listen, Lily, I... uh... I mean, I appreciate what you did for me- but- well, don't. I can take care of myself. I mean, do you know how bad it looks, having a girl fight your battles for you? Come on! Oh, uh... I mean, not that you're weak or anything but I mean-"

Lily dropped her bag on the floor, hard. "Excuse me?" she said loudly.

"No, I mean... just, let me fight my battles, I can take care of myself!" Severus yelled.

"WHAT? I just saved your sorry behind! And you tell me off for doing that? You wouldn't have had a problem with me helping you last year, but, oh, right, I forgot, that was before THEY happened," she yelled back, jabbing a thumb at Severus' skull-decorated book.

Severus scowled at her. "For your information, my being a you-know-what has given me a purpose. The others, they rescued me. I belong with them, they gave me a new kind of family. A mudblood like you would never understand..."

Lily's anger disappeared. She picked up her bag and turned to walk away.

"Lily! Wait-" Severus tried to call for her, but she was gone before he could explain himself.

The next day at Potions, Professor Slughorn (a slightly plump man in his mid-to-late thirties) re-paired Lily with someone aside from Severus (her normal partner), James Potter, and Severus with a boy nicknamed "Wormtail" who had previously been James' partner. As much as he didn't want to admit it, he knew why- Lily had talked to Old Sluggy-Corn about their fight and had the partners switched around. Despite hating everyone in James' Pausse only slightly less than James himself, Severus found it very hard not to murder Wormtail on the spot.


His constant, high-pitched, run-on-sentence-insults gave Severus a serious migrane, but he found if he put all his concentration in making sure this little runt didn't mess up his perfect Potions grade, he could tune it all out and focus on his true passion- potion making. Yes, that was his passion- not the Dark Lord, not his Death Eater "family", or his passionate hate for James, or Wormtail, or finding out why James' strange friend Remus Loopy-or-something disappeared to every month, or even Lily, sweet Lily... this classroom, in the dungeons, with the only person, let alone the only teacher, who understood him (besides Dumbledore), sitting here, making potions, THAT was where he belonged.

Now only one thing mattered- making himself believe that Lily wasn't a part of that happiness he only had here.

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