Summer Love

A retelling of Severus' first and only love, Lily Evans.


3. Meeting James

"Well, that's a first!" A loud voice chimed in from behind Lily.

Lily whirled around. "Who's there?" She said loudly.

Severus leapt down from the tree he had been sitting in and brushed his black jacket off. "That's a first. I don't think anybody has ever brought a plate of dirt patties to the Hogwarts Express."

Lily sniffed. "These aren't dirt patties," she said. "These are, in fact, brownies."

Severus looked at her curiously. "What is a brownie?" He asked seriously.

Lily laughed. "Very funny, Sev."

"No, really, what are those? I've never heard of them. Are they useful? Do you plant things in them?"

Lily gasped. "You've really never had a brownie? Seriously?" She shook her head violently and took the plastic wrap off of the plate. Handing a brownie to Severus, she said, "Here, try it."

Severus took the brownie from her. "What do I do? You have any seeds on you?"

"Bite it," she said.

Cautiously, he sniffed it, and took a tentative bite. His eyes lit up at once. "Tastes like a warm, half-melted chocolate frog!" he exclaimed.

"Frog? Who would eat a chocolate dipped frog?" asked Lily, confused.

"They're not real frogs, it's a spell that makes them seem real," replied Severus.

"Well I'm still not sure I want to eat one," she said seriously.

They both laughed. "Come on, Lily. I'll show you where the train is.

He showed her how to get through to Platform 9 3/4.

Even though it was well over a year ago, Severus clearly remembered that little Lily had been nine-and-three-quarters years old when they had first met. Now, looking at the sign saying 9 3/4, he sighed and remembered the flower Lily had grown in her hand. He had dried and preserved that flower. It was taped to his bookmark in his First-Year Potions book.

"You coming, Severus?" asked Lily, breaking into his thoughts.

"Yeah, I'm coming. Where are we sitting?"

Once they had gotten their seats, Severus and Lily and another black-haired boy in a car, Severus cracked open his Potions book and began memorizing the Andermâs potion.

"Um, hey, you there. What's your name?" asked the boy in the car with them.

Severus looked up. "Severus," he said quietly.

"What kind of a name is Snivilus?" laughed the boy.

"Severus," he repeated, louder.

"Still never heard that name before," replied the boy. "Well, anyway, you dropped your bookmark," he said, pointing to the floor where a scrap of green parchment lay. He bent down and picked it up, and seeing the flower, asked, "A flower? Why do you haves flower on your bookmark?" He sniggered.

"Well, at least I have a normal name. I'm James. James Potter." he turned to Lily. "And you are...?"

"Not happy about you making fun of my friend's name." she said defiantly. She turned her green eyes back to Severus.

"You kept... the flower? It it the one..."

"Your name," said James.

Severus ignored him and nodded curtly at Lily.

Lily smiled. "That's so cool. How is it not rotted still, though?"

Severus took his wand out of his pocket and turned it to a leaf caught on the window cill. He muttered a spell that Lily couldn't make out, then handed the leaf to her.

"You dried it?" she said. "Cool."

The train let out a whistle. Lily looked up.

"You should go change into your robes." Severus had already changed, and so had James, so Lily was the only one who needed to change at the warning bell.

She got up and gathered her robes and left the car without another word.

James looked at Severus. "So... is that your girlfriend?" asked James.

"No," he said, but in his mind he was thinking, not yet.

James laughed. "Come on, man, she's hot! If you're not going to ask her out, I will!"

She's too good for someone like you, thought Severus. If she's half as smart as I think she is, she'll see right through you. But Severus was too polite to say that. "No, I will." he said.

James scowled. "Like she'd go for a greasy-haired weirdo lik you," said James.

Severus scowled back. "You've known me for less than a day," he replied. "How can you hate me already?"

James smirked. "Because you think you can get her." he said.

Severus ignored him and went back to his textbook.

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