I Would

Coree and Niall are best friends. They've known each other since sixth grade and have never felt differently. Until Niall goes off to audition for X Factor. Coree misses him so much but cant see him until its all over. She waits and watches him on the telly. And all of a sudden while watching him sing, she fell in love. Now, Niall has had a crush on Coree since 8th grade but never had the courage to tell her because she was always on and off with her boyfriend that didn't treat her as well as he would. What will happen soon?


9. What?!

 Coree's POV: 

 I'm so thrilled that Niall finally asked me to Junior Prom! But now I have to find the perfect dress. Olivia also got asked to Prom by Chris. So we are going dress shopping together. "What about this one?" Olivia asked me. "That's so cute! I like the sweetheart lining" We had a bunch of dresses in our arms and in our carts to try on. She found one that was so gorgeous and she tried it on.

 It looked absolutely amazing on her! "Oh my god! This is the one!" She was so excited. And I was happy for her but now I have to find my dress. 

2 hours later**


 "Oh my god! This is beautiful!" I yelled. "Try it on." Olivia whispered. I thought she was on the other side of the store. So I did. When I looked in the mirror I started to cry. I came out with this dress on.

 "You look gorgeous! Why are you crying?" Olivia was so confused. "This is the one. It's perfect." I smiled. "Yay! Now let's go buy them!" We paid for the dresses. We went home and started looking at hairstyles for prom. Olivia was having trouble this time but I found mine right away.

 After half an hour Olivia found her perfect hairstyle. 

Then we looked at shoes. I didn't want to be dancing in heels and neither did Olivia so we both bought a pair white converse. Then we looked at makeup tutorials. Olivia knew exactly how she was going to wear her makeup and I was going to do it for her. 

 She wanted a purple smoky eye because she knew it'd look cool with her brown eyes and would contrast from the blue dress. I knew how I was going to wear my makeup also.

 Just dramatic eye makeup with nude lips. We got our nails done at the salon and got gel french tips. We were so excited.


 Niall's POV:

 Chris and I went to get tuxedos and corsages. Then we went out for pizza. I had a traditional tux that was black and white. Coree texted me and said that her dress is black and white so I got a colorful corsage because I didn't want it to be boring. 

 I cut the butterflies off because I had a feeling that it would not look good with the dress. Chris got a gray and white tux and got Olivia a blue corsage. After we ate pizza and played COD Black Ops, we said goodbye. I told Coree to come over since Olivia went home also. I hid the tux in my closet and the corsage in the fridge. The doorbell rang. I opened the door. "Hey beautiful." I smiled. "Hey handsome." She smiled and kissed me. "So how was your shopping with Olivia today?" I asked as we sat down on my couch. "It was fun! Her dress looks absolutely amazing on her! See?" She showed me a picture. "Wow. She does look pretty. But what about you?" I asked hoping to see a picture of her in her dress. "Let's just say that I loved my dress so much that I cried." I laughed a little. "That perfect huh?" I was happy to hear that she loved her dress. "Yes and guess what!" She looked excited to tell me something. "What?" I asked. "I'm pregnant!" she smiled. "What?!" I yelled. "Hahahaha I'm just kidding babe!" she laughed hysterically. "Thank god!" I was worried and a little confused since we've never had sex before.

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