I Would

Coree and Niall are best friends. They've known each other since sixth grade and have never felt differently. Until Niall goes off to audition for X Factor. Coree misses him so much but cant see him until its all over. She waits and watches him on the telly. And all of a sudden while watching him sing, she fell in love. Now, Niall has had a crush on Coree since 8th grade but never had the courage to tell her because she was always on and off with her boyfriend that didn't treat her as well as he would. What will happen soon?


10. Secrets

 Coree's POV:

 "What?!" he screamed. "I'm just kidding! hahah I'm not that stupid!" That was hilarious. His reaction was perfect. He was all flirty and then I pranked him. That was awesome! "Thank god! You almost gave me a heart attack! Are you hungry?" I nodded. "Pizza or Chinese?" he yelled from the kitchen. "Chinese!" I yelled back while turning on the telly. Pretty Little Liars was on. Niall came back in the living room with the Chinese food and sat down on the couch with a blanket and cuddled with me. I layed my head down in his lap and he ran his fingers through my hair. It felt so good when he played with my hair. Thank god it was Friday. My parents were going on a vacation for their anniversary but left a little earlier. Niall's parents were out of the country for business meeting's for a few weeks. And Greg was in college so Niall had the house to himself and I had the house to myself. I was sleeping over at his and tomorrow he was going to sleepover at mine. After Pretty Little Liars was over I drifted off to sleep. 


 Niall's POV: 

 Coree fell asleep in my lap. I picked her up bridal style and carried her to my bed. I can't wait until she is my bride. Then I will have married my princess and made her my queen. I love her and I can't wait for Prom! Even though it costs some green, it's totally worth it. Especially for Coree. I bet if she showed up in an over sized sweater and baggy sweats with her hair in a messy bun, she'd look prettier than all of the girls on the dance floor. I hate when girls on twitter give her hate. She's so sweet! I always "liked" her photos on Instagram and facebook, but she took them both down after someone hacked both of her profiles and said some dirty things that took it so far to the point where guys were asking her to spend the night with them for a one night stand. She would hide it behind a smile but then one day she couldn't handle it anymore and slit her wrists everywhere. It was horrible. But I need some sleep for tonight. So I got into bed with Coree and she rolled over to cuddle. "Goodnight love" I whispered in her ear and turned off the lamp. 


 Coree's POV:

 "Good morning princess" Niall said as I sat up, rubbing my eyes. "Good morning handsome" I replied back. My eyes widened when I saw what was in his hands. "Oh my god! Niall! I can't believe it!" He had made me breakfast in bed and didn't eat it! "Eggs, scrambled. Turkey bacon, sizzled. Orange juice, no pulp. Apple juice, apple-y. Toast, lightly buttered. And Pop-Tart, toasted" He smiled as my stomach growled. "I knew you'd be hungry!" I laughed as I took a bite of my Pop-Tart. "Where's your food?" I asked. "I didn't make myself any." he replied as his stomach screamed for food. "Ugh. Here! Have my toast and my orange juice." I said while handing him the glass of orange juice. "Thanks love! You're the best!" He said as he took a bite of the toast. "Mmhmm. I know." I said, rolling my eyes playfully. "Guess where we're going today?" He said after chugging down his orange juice. "We're going somewhere today?" I asked shocked. "Yes! Now guess where!" He whined. "The store?" I asked. His expression dropped to an annoyed look. "No. I mean for a date." I laughed to myself after he cleared that up for me. "Umm...The movies?" I asked. "No. Better!" Hmm. Better than the movies? "I give up." I shrugged. "THE FAIR!!" He jumped with excitement. My face lit up with excitement. "YAY! WAY BETTER THAN THE MOVIES!" I screamed while I tackled him. "Hahaha. I'm happy you're excited!" He laughed. "When do we leave?" I asked. "An hour." He smiled. Seriously?! This boy is only giving me an hour?! Ugh! "Ok. Well I'm going to go get ready." I smiled as I grabbed some clothes and headed for the bathroom. "Ok!" He said as he turned on the TV. I got in the shower and put shampoo in my hair. I started to scrub my scalp and began singing an original song that Niall didn't know about but was soon going to hear. As I was shaving my legs after shampooing and conditioning my hair, I realized I forgot a towel. "CRAP!" I yelled. "What's wrong babe?" Niall said while walking into the bathroom. "I forgot a towel. Can you grab one for me?" I asked finishing my legs. " Uh. Sure babe." He said. "Got it!" He said. "Ok, now can you hand it to me?" I said as I turned off the water. He opened the shower door, facing the other way to hand me the towel. "Thanks." I said wrapping the towel around me. I came out of the shower and closed the door. "Babe, you look beautiful" Niall said coming from behind me and wrapping his arms around my waist. "Thanks babe. But I don't have my makeup on yet." I replied, smiling at the ground. "But Coree can't you see that you don't need makeup to be your gorgeous self? I mean it's called "makeup" for a reason. It literally makes up your face into what it's not. You don't need it." He said kissing my neck softly. "Fine. I won't wear it today." I said. "Thank you! Now what was that song you were singing? It doesn't sound familiar." Oh god. Yep, he heard. Urg. "Ermm... It's called "Healed Battle Wounds"." I said shyly. "Oh really? Who's it by?" He was really interested. Maybe he actually liked it? "It's by me" I said kind of quiet. "Wait. You wrote an ORIGINAL song and didn't tell me?" Oh no! Did I upset him? "Uhh...yeah. But that's because it's not even finished and I didn't want to tell you about it until it was finished." I looked at the ground. "Babe, it's a great song." I lifted my head and smiled. "You really think so?" I asked. "I know so." He smiled and then kissed me softly.


 Niall's POV:

 "Now sing it for me please?" I asked. "Sure but I'll be singing it while I get dressed, and do my hair." She gestured me to get out of the bathroom for her to dress. I closed the door but sat pretty close, not too close, to the door. Then she began to sing. 

 "Hush little baby

  It'll be okay

  Mommy couldn't handle earth

  So she went away

  She wants you to live your life

  Fulfill your dreams

  But now all you do is

 Cry and scream

 You think no one understands or even cares

 But honey they don't know your story or your nightmares

 You have scars up and down your wrist 

 You're so lonely 

 All you want is one kiss


 But people look at you 

 Like you're insane

 When they're

 The ones to blame


 I just want you to know 

 That I'm here for you

 I've been through what you're going through

 They don't and will never understand

 That those scars are healed battle wounds



 Hush little baby

 It'll be okay

 Daddy can't hurt you now

 He's been put away

 Now it's up to you

 To raise your sibs

 Don't know how to make money

 So you go to his crib

 You're on that stage 

 Makin' dollar bills

 But you decline 

 When he offers one trill


 And people look at you like you're insane

 When really they're the ones to blame


 I just want you to know

 That I'm here for you

 I've been through what you're going through

 They don't and will never understand 

 That those scars are healed battle wounds"


 Niall's POV(still):

 "Woah. That's really good. I like that song. You're a really good songwriter!" I exclaim as she walks out looking gorgeous like always. "Thanks! Wait! You're not even ready!" She's hilarious. "Hun, I'm a dude! It'll only take me five minutes!" She looked at her watch. "Exactly an 55 minutes ago you said that we leave in an hour. Your time to get ready has started." She gave me her "good luck you dumbass" look. I rushed and got ready. "DONE!" I said out of air. "Good! Let's go!" She laughed. We walked to the fair hand in hand. When we got there, a whole bunch of guys were staring at her like she was lunch. And I mean an expensive dinner almost better than Nando's! So as the douchebags made my princess uncomfortable, I stopped walking in the middle of everyone and kissed her passionately. " I love you." I smiled. " I love you!" She said kissing me one more time. I then went in front of her and she jumped on my back understanding my offer. I gave her a piggy back ride to a few of the rides and food stands. "Oooooh!!! The Ferris Wheel!!" She squealed pointing towards it for me to walk towards that direction. When we got there, she jumped off my back and gave the worker her tickets and then I did the same. We then sat in the seat hand in hand with her head on my shoulder and mine on top of hers. We had been at the fair so late that when we got to the top, the clock struck midnight. We had our first "Midnight Kiss" as they call it. After we made it to the bottom we got off the ride and walked home. Coree looked tired so I picked her up bridal style. 

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