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Coree and Niall are best friends. They've known each other since sixth grade and have never felt differently. Until Niall goes off to audition for X Factor. Coree misses him so much but cant see him until its all over. She waits and watches him on the telly. And all of a sudden while watching him sing, she fell in love. Now, Niall has had a crush on Coree since 8th grade but never had the courage to tell her because she was always on and off with her boyfriend that didn't treat her as well as he would. What will happen soon?


3. Cambodia

 Mom's POV:

  Coree has been acting weird lately. I know that her and Carter had gotten back together but she didn't seem as excited as she usually was whenever they got back together. Maybe she' s getting tired of Carter. I don't get why she doesn't just date Niall. He's a great guy who obviously is in love with her. You can see it in his eyes. Whenever he looks at her you can feel the love. You could probably feel it from a mile away. He even sings to her. Which is super sweet and adorable! If her and Carter broke up because she finally realized that she had feelings for Niall, I wouldn't mind or be surprised. I know Niall would definitely be surprised and joyful. They would make the perfect couple! But what do I know? Huh? I'm just a 36 year old mom that never went through this shit right? Give me a break!


 Niall's POV:

 I hope Coree's doing good in Cambodia. I miss her alot! I'll go to the mall to get some things for her so when she comes back she'll feel very happy. I keep looking at all of our pictures and I miss that kiss. I want her. No, I need her. She's perfect in every way possible. Shit! I don't know what to get her!

10 minutes later**

 Why is Carter's bike here at the mall? Probably trying to pick up some skanks for the year before Coree comes back. I swear, if I see him with another girl I will make him feel so bad that he'll want to slit his wrists. I made my way to Wetzel Pretzel and saw Carter holding hands with some other girl and making out with her face. That little fucker! "What the fuck is going on?! And who the fuck are you?" I yelled. "Look, you can tell your little whore friend that it's over. Okay?" Carter is such a bitch! I stepped back and went somewhere else. I went into the Vans store a little bit later and saw Carter and his skank there. They were kissing and holding hands. I took a few pictures just to have proof for Coree to know that her boyfriend is a dickhead. I would rather her be with me than the asshole she's with. I think I love her.


 Coree's POV: 

 Wow! Cambodia's got some interesting foods. Niall would love this place! speaking of Niall, I haven't talked to him in a while. We really need to talk about the kiss. I think I actually miss the touch of his lips on mine. It felt nice actually. I think I might have feelings for him. But I'm dating Carter and I'm happy. Right? I should be happy. I mean he promised that he'd never cheat again so I should trust that. But something doesn't feel right. I need to talk to Niall now. Oh! I have four missed calls and three messages from Niall. He left voicemails! Thank god! I need to hear his voice again. " Hey Coree! We really need to talk. I take it you haven't seen my messages yet. Just text me when you can or call which ever. It'd be nice to hear your voice though. Bye. I love you. I mean as a friend! you know like always! like when people say I love you bro or I love you girl... ok this is ridiculous! Just talk to me whenever." Hahaha. I guess he really needs to talk. I called him. "Coree! Oh my gosh! I missed you so much! What's it like in Cambodia? Is the food good?" haha of course he brings up food. " Yes the food is great. Except it was a little weird when I complained about the spiders in my house and the girls next door captured them and ate them. That was gross." I could here him laughing. "So what do you really want to talk to me about?" I asked. " Still haven't seen my texts?" he asked. " No but I'm checking them right now." I dropped my phone after I saw the pictures. " Coree? Coree? Are you okay? I heard a thunk sound!" I picked the phone back up. " H-how did you get these pictures?" he told me that he was at the mall to get me something and he went to get a pretzel and saw my soon to be ex-boyfriend snogging with a whore! " I gtg. Thanks for letting me know. Love you forever!!" I hung up. I'll talk to him when I get back. 

 1 year later**

 Coree's POV: 

 Yes!! I finally get to see my Nialler!! He's going to be at the airport! I can't wait! I got into the airport. Niall was standing there with my name on a piece of paper. Damn! He got cuter! I ran into his arms. We looked into eachother's eyes. We were both tearing up. Without thinking, we kissed. I didn't mind at all. I missed his lips.We walked to his mom's car in the parking lot. " Coree! I've missed you so much! you look so grown up! Wow!" I laughed a little. "Thanks." It was 2 in the morning im just exhausted. I put my head on his shoulder and drifted off to sleep.

 Niall's POV:

 Damn! Coree looked fine! How the fuck does that happen in a year? Her boobs were 2 sizes bigger, her butt was more firm, her hair was alot longer, she gave her hair a red tint, her skin is more clear, her smile was sweeter, etc. It's like she turned from an angel to a sex goddess. 



 that's it for now! sorry that this chapter sucks! when i started this fanfiction, i was head over heels in love with my boyfriend. but now we barely talk and we're slowly drifting apart so yeah :/ sorry. thanks for reading though! love ya :)

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