I Would

Coree and Niall are best friends. They've known each other since sixth grade and have never felt differently. Until Niall goes off to audition for X Factor. Coree misses him so much but cant see him until its all over. She waits and watches him on the telly. And all of a sudden while watching him sing, she fell in love. Now, Niall has had a crush on Coree since 8th grade but never had the courage to tell her because she was always on and off with her boyfriend that didn't treat her as well as he would. What will happen soon?


1. Best friends


 Niall's POV: 

 "Get up!" Mum shouted at me pulling my blankets off my body. I groaned as I sat up, rubbing my eyes. Today was the last day of sixth grade and I had to get to Coree's house soon. I took a shower and got dressed in my white t-shirt and blue jeans with my black hightops and my black snapback. I ran downstairs to the kitchen and grabbed fruit out of the fridge and ran out the door. I have to make it to Coree's house early so I can tease her for taking so long. 


10 minutes later**


 Niall's POV:

  Made it right on time! I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and texted Coree. It says, " Hurry up! By the time you're out here I'll be 50! ;)" She replied with, " Oh, I'm sorry old man! Unlike you, I have to look good! So shut up! :)" I laughed at the message and felt my cheeks heating up. Coree ran out the door looking more beautiful than ever. Her super curly hair was flat, she had maroon lips, a white dress, gold bracelets on one arm and all of our friendship bracelets on the other, she also had black vans on, of course. She always does that. At the last few dances she wore skirts and vans. She couldn't be completely girly. " Is Prince Charming coming to take you to a ball?" I laughed. "Shut up!" she said as she punched my arm and smiled. 


 Coree's POV:

 After I punched him he smiled and laughed. He started to walk backwards and talking. " So, do you think that we'll be in the same class next year?" he asked. "Well of course!" I smiled. He smiled, turned around and walk straight into a pole. "Oww!" He yelled rubbing his head. I was laughing so hard. " That's what you get for walking backwards genius!" I laughed some more. We got to school and I was so surprised at what I saw. My boyfriend, Carter, was making out with some other girl! I ran over to him.  Niall came running behind me. " How d-..." I started. Niall took over."How dare you cheat on Coree! You don't deserve someone as great as her! You deserve the skank that you're snogging with!" We walked away from the scene and Niall put his arm around me. I turned towards him and gave him a hug, crying my eyes out. " Shh, shh. It's okay it's okay. You deserve someone better. Someone who loves you and will treat you right. Not him." he said comfortingly. " What about after school we go to the movies to celebrate the end of the year.." I interrupted, " And me being single." he smiled a little and said, " And you being single." He hugged me tighter, " Everything is going to be fine." He smiled at me as the bell rang. He left for first period and so did I. 


6 hours later* 

 Niall's POV:

 I felt so bad that Coree saw that. When she was crying in my arms all I wanted to do was punch Carter in the neck. How could he do that to her again? And how could she have forgiven him so many times? But now I know it's all over since she wanted to celebrate her being single, and when ever her and Carter break up, she doesn't say she's single. She says that it's complicated. I waited for Coree to come out of her class. She came out of the class with a big smile on her face. " What are you smiling for?" I asked. " I can't wait until we go to the movies! And I found a new way you can cheer me up even more!" she said smiling. " Oh yeah? What is it?" I asked. " You can sing to me on the way to the movies!" She was serious. So in the way to the movies I sang " Isn't She Lovely?" and " Paradise". She sang along to "Paradise". She absolutely loves Coldplay. " Have you ever thought of going on Xfactor?" she asked me. " Why? Do you want me to audition?" She nodded. " Fine. What about I audition in senior year?" I suggested. She nodded in agreement.


 2 hours later*


 Coree's POV:

 The movie was great. It sucks that I won't be able to see Nialler in the summer because we both are going on separate vacations. But that's okay because I will see him next year in 7th grade! I got home right on time for dinner. My parents were giving each other weird looks like they wanted to tell me something. " How was your day sweetie?" Mom asked. " It was okay... It was way better after school than this morning." I said. " Why what happened?' Dad asked. " I saw Carter snogging another girl so we broke up." I said. " Oh, I'm so sorry." he said. " Don't be! I'm over it! I won't be dating for a while." I responded. " Well that's good! And it makes it easier to say this." Mom started. " We're moving to Cambodia!" Dad finished. Oh my god! How could they do this to me?! "How long will we be there?" I asked. " A year." Mom and Dad said in sync. They kept on talking about how great it was going to be in Cambodia. My plate was clean so I asked to be excused. I ran up to my room with tears in my eyes. I closed the door and grabbed my phone. I saw a message from Niall. It said, " Hey Coree! What's up??"  Tears rushed down my face.  "Can I call you?" I asked. " Of course!" he responded.








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