More Than Meets The Eye

You and Louis are best friends but this isn't your typical love story. Boy falls for best friend. None of that. You guys had been pen pals since you were in fifth grade. So you know him as Louis Tomlinson the funny boy from Doncaster, not Louis Tomlinson from the band One Direction. You had not met each other until just about a year ago when him and his band went to LA for his bands tour. Just around the time you graduated from High School. It has been two years since you have seen him. Things have changed dramatically in your life. You have more than one secret. The biggest one he knows. But theres more to it than that. You move to England to get away from your past. But is it easier said than done?


1. Like My Mother Always Said "Lies always have a way of coming out."

How I met Louis Tomlinson was most unusal. We didn't meet at a meet and greet or at a concert. I know him for who he really is. The cheeky boy from Doncaster. 


-Flash back-


"Now class I have a special treat for you guys! You are all getting a pen pal! All the way in England. How exciting is that guys?!" Mrs. Bradberry our fifth grade teacher said clapping her hands. I sit there thinking I hope I get someone cool! This should be fun!


"Now class form a line and each of you pick a name from the hat! For the next year you guys will be writing too each other! Too see how different our cultures are!" She says excitedly. 


I was in the back of the line so I patiently waited for my turn to pick my name. I hope its a girl! Boys are yucky!


Finally it was my turn! I closed my eyes and picked a peice of paper out. I looked at the name on the paper and it said Louis Tomlinson. I was so dissapointed. What could I possibly have in common with a boy!


Mrs. Bradberry could tell I was dissapointed so she pulled me into the hallway.


"Lydia darling whatever is the matter?" She says hugging me.


"I got a boy Mrs. Bradberry! I won't have anything in common with him." I say sniffling.


"Oh deary you might have more in common with him than you think. Just give it a try alright?" Mrs. Bradberry said hugging me.


"Okay. I will just for you!" I say hugging her back.


-end flashback-


I am so glad she convinced me to at least try. I would never have met the amazing lad known as Louis Tomlinson. He is so funny and charming and sweet. I couldn't picture myself without him. Sometime in high school I realized I had fallen for him. But I never told him or anyone. I had a serious boyfriend and still did up to four hours ago.


I had finally got to meet Louis in person when he came to LA for his tour with his band! He wanted to surprise me as my graduation present. That night is still blurry to me. Lets just say we had slept together. That was the best and worst night of my life. I had cheated on my boyfriend of four years. Nick never found out the truth though. 


How do I explain Nick? Well Nick and I both come from very prestigious families. His mother had known mine before my parents had passed away. They were always hoping Nick and I would end up together. So I eventually gave in and said yes when he asked me to be his girlfriend. Nick has gotten mixed up in some very bad buisness. When his parents cut him off he decided it was a smart idea to borrow money from loan sharks. Now they want to be payed back. Problem is he doesn't have the money. And I sure as hell am not going to give him the money. He needs to take responsiblilty for himself and realize his parents and I aren't gonna always be there to bail him out. The minute there were threats being made against my son (and nicks) I realized I needed to break it off with him. I am not in love with him so why lead him on when I have been years. 


So thats how I find myself on a plane to England. Louis has agreed to let me stay with him until I can find myself and Adam (my son) a place to stay. He's just too kind too me sometimes when I don't really deserve his kindness.


Theres been so many things I have kept from him. But like my mother used to say things always have a way of coming out, even if we don't want them too.


And my secrets? Well they could be damaging to not only myself but others as well. I am not the perfect person that I try and make myself out to be. And as hard as I rty to keep them they will soon be known.


After so many hours of being on the plane I finially arrive in London. Now all I need is to find Louis. I know he will be in disguise since he is famous now. Its so weird to think I have a famous best friend. 


"LYDIA!" I hear the oh so familiar voice call my name. 


I turn around and see him there smiling at me. At that I just start running and leap in his arms. I have missed him so much. We just stand like that not caring if anyone is staring at us. 


I am finally snapped to reality when I hear a voice say, "Dang Louis you didn't tell me she was hot!" 


I let go and see the curly haired person also known as Harry Styes standing there smirking at us.


"You better not let Lily hear you say that. She will have your balls on a silver platter." Louis says laughing wrapping his arm around my shoulder and moving us towards the suitcase drop pickup. 


"Oh I know she will. I have heard it all before. Its kind of a turn of when she gets jealous." He says smirking his famous smirk.


"Who's Lily?" I ask confused.


"Oh that's Harry's girlfriend. She's quite fiesty." Louis says laughing.


"Oh. Thats lovely of her to put his balls on a silver platter." I say quoting Louis.


"I love how you lived in the States your whole life but still have the English accent." Louis says grabbing my suitcases. I only have a couple. The rest of my stuff will arrive in a week or so.


"Well my parents were born and raised in England. So naturally hearing the accents for my whole life I was surely to pick them up." I say laughing. 


We walk back to the car and I see Paul. I tell him a quick hello and get in the car. 


"So when is Adam getting here? I miss the little tyke!" Louis says excitedly.


"He should be here in a week. I wanna get settled in before bringing him here. Him and his grandmother will be coming together since he is too young to travel by himself." I tell him. I miss my bab already. I haven't gone a whole week without him being with me. This was gonna be a long and difficult week.



A/N: I would just like to say that she went to progressive private schools. So she was well ahead others of her age. 


Tell me what you think?





Love you darlings <3

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