Neighbors? Yes please!

A new house in London? Brilliant! One Direction as neighbors? YES PLEASE!


14. What just happened?

 ‘Ready to go?’ Louis asked me, leaning casually on the front door. I rushed around finding boots and grabbing sweaters and my coat. He took one look at me and started laughing. ‘Babe, you look like the Michelin woman,’ He said laughing. ‘It’s not that cold outside, I promise.’

‘Fine,’ I grumbled, taking off 2 sweaters. ‘But I’m keeping this one on, and I’m wearing my coat! It’s cold here for me.’ I told him.

‘You are so cute when you get grumpy,’ He said smiling and coming over to hug me.

‘Yeah?’ I asked, ‘Well I’m about to get really adorable if you keep going that way.’ I teased. ‘Let’s go,’ I said walking towards the door. I walked out and the air hit me like a slap in the face. ‘It’s so cold!’ I gasped.

‘It’s not that bad!’ He said, confused.

‘Easy for you to say! South Africa is much warmer than this!’ I said.

‘Well take my jacket then,’ He said handing me his huge, puffy jacket. ‘I’m too hot anyway.’ Now he was just in a stripy sweater.

‘Thanks,’ I said, shyly accepting his jacket. I slipped it on, finding the sleeves huge. ‘Hey, look!’ I said flapping them around childishly. An idea occurred to me. I turned around, finding him behind me. ‘Louis,’ I said quietly. ‘Come here, I want to do something,’ He walked towards me unsurely. As soon as he was a couple of centimeters away from me, I reached up and smacked him playfully with one of the too long sleeves. ‘Haha!’ I shouted and ran away.

‘Hey!’ he yelled starting to run after me, ‘Come back here! You aren’t getting away with this!’ He gasped as he sprinted after me.

I ran away giggling so hard I nearly fell over. Before I knew it he was behind me. ‘Aah!’ I yelled speeding up. He kept pace with me easily.

‘Gotcha!’ He yelled, picking me up.

He tickled me until I was gasping for air and tears were running down my face. ‘No- not fu- funny!’ I gasped, trying weakly to fight him off. ‘St- stop!’

‘Say you’re sorry!’ He said, chuckling at me.

‘N- no!’ I said stubbornly.

‘Fine, then I won’t stop!’ Lou said still laughing at me.

‘Fi- fine! I’m- I’m so- sorry!’ I gasped. ‘No- now stop!’ I said. He stopped almost immediately.

‘Now was that so hard?’ He asked still holding me. I couldn’t speak because I was still trying to catch my breath. ‘That was the funniest thing I have seen in ages!’ He said starting to laugh again. I started laughing with him. I put my arms around his neck.

‘I’m sorry I slapped you with your jacket.’ I said. ‘But how did you know I was ticklish?’ I asked looking back at him.

‘Lucky guess,’ He said with a wink.

‘You can put me down now,’ I said smiling at him. He put me down. ‘Well, that warmed me up!’ I said.

‘You’re quite fast for someone with such short legs,’ He said winking, and teasing me.

‘I do not have short legs!’ I said, indignantly. ‘I’m just short!’

‘I know,’ He said. We walked down the road talking about nothing and everything. ‘I think we should get back now,’ said Lou. The sun was starting to go down.

‘Yes,’ I agreed. We turned back; the house was still in sight. As we got closer and closer, I could make out 3 faces. ‘Is that Harry, Liam and Zayn?’ I asked.

‘Yes,’ Louis said, ‘I think it is. What are they doing?’ He wondered.

The closer we got to the house, the more detail we could see. ‘Are they laughing?’ I asked.

‘It looks like it.’ Louis said. When we got to the front door, Harry opened it and gave me a high five.

‘Well done!’ He shouted, pulling me into a hug.

‘For what?’ I asked, confused.

‘For slapping Lou with his own jacket, then running away!’ He said laughing.

‘You guys saw that?’ Louis asked, getting irritated.

‘We watched your whole walk!’ Liam admitted, laughing. Louis stormed inside. ‘What happened to him?’ asked Liam.

‘I think I know, but I’ll tell you later,’ Harry said.

‘Oh, guys?’ I said. ‘Take a picture next time, it lasts longer.’ I teased them, walking inside to find out what was wrong with Louis. ‘I hope he’s okay…’ I thought to myself.

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