Neighbors? Yes please!

A new house in London? Brilliant! One Direction as neighbors? YES PLEASE!


18. Welcome to the mad house.

I woke up to the sound of Louis talking to me. Huh, I guess I dozed off. ‘Wake up babe,’ He was saying. ‘We are landing in 5 minutes.’ He said, shaking me lightly. I yawned and stretched, a smile appearing on my face when I remembered that Louis and I were actually dating. ‘Somebody’s happy then!’ He said laughing.

‘Of course I am,’ I said reaching over and giving him a hug. Just then, a thought occurred to me. ‘How are we going to get past all of the directioners?’ I wondered.

‘Well, for a start, only a few of them will know that we’re here. Second of all, Harry spoke to the pilot and he agreed to let us off a bit earlier than the rest of the plane,’ He explained seriously. ‘However, there will obviously still be a few directioners out there, so we pull our caps low and put big coats on, walk really quickly and hope they don’t spot us. It’s worked before!’ He said smiling. ‘Oh and just so you know, I plan on posting our relationship worldwide tonight. Without revealing our location, of course.’ He reached over to give me another hug. I giggled. ‘What’s so funny?’ He asked smiling.

‘You are too cute,’ I said, poking his nose. ‘Oh, and I really need to pee, so I’ll be back just now, before the plane lands,’ I said winking.

‘Okay babe,’ He said turning away to talk to Harry. I walked to the plane bathrooms.

As I looked at myself in the mirror, I reached into my bag and grabbed eyeliner, finding that mine had smudged horribly during the plane ride at some point. I wiped the old makeup off and put fresh stuff on. I re-tied my pony, leaving my side fringe free from the clip, put my clip in my bag and took one last look in the mirror. ‘Time to meet that family,’ I said to myself. It had been 6 years since I had seen most of my family.

‘Please return to your seats all passengers,’ the pilot said calmly. ‘We will be landing in two minutes. When we land there will be a slight delay getting off of the plane. Please remain patient.’ I walked out of the bathroom smiling.

‘What’s got you so happy today?’ asked Louis looking up from his conversation with Harry smiling.

‘Just about everything baby,’ I said to him. I sat down, putting my head on his shoulder, and listening to his conversation with harry.

‘Eavesdropping are we?’ Louis teased. We had landed and at that moment, the air hostess came to get us and shepherd us off the plane. We all put on hats and large coats. When we got into the airport, all of the directioners let us go, not knowing who we were. ‘Told you babe,’ Louis said putting his arm around my waist.

‘Let's get a cab to our estate,’ I said to Sav and the boys. We hailed a larger than usual cab and got in. I was looking out of the window the whole car ride. ‘It sure is beautiful here,’ I said to nobody in particular.

‘It is, isn’t it?’ Niall agreed.

‘We will make a plan to let you go and see your family sometime this holiday,’ I said to Niall.

‘Cool,’ He said grinning at me. As we drew closer to our estate, the large wrought iron, horror movie like gates came into view.

‘Spooky,’ Liam muttered.

‘Okay,’ I said paying the Taxi driver. ‘Thank you so much for the ride, but we can take it from here.’ I told him.

‘Is the house in walking distance?’ Sav asked.

‘Not even close,’ I said. ‘But we can take the golf carts.’ I said indication around 10 golf carts. The backs were big enough to fit all of our suitcases onto, but as a result of this there was a maximum of 3 to a cart. ‘Right hooligans,’ I addressed them. ‘You are going to listen, and you are going to listen carefully.’ I told them, serious.

‘Yes mam,’ they teased.

‘Right, first of all, there is a maximum of 3 people to a golf cart, understand?’ I told them. ‘Secondly, there is nobody currently staying here, but my grandpa and his girlfriend will be here for dinner at seven. Regarding that, you will all be polite, no sexual humor of any kind while they are here, and Niall, Sav and Louis, keep the PDA down to a minimum. It is now,’ I said checking my watch, ‘4 o’clock. Harry and I, he being the best chef around here, will cook in the kitchen anybody else wanting to help is welcome, but you don’t have to.’ I said smiling. ‘Oh, and for those of you not helping, this is an old house and we have antiques in it okay? So PLEASE try not to break anything!’ I said. ‘Right now pick a golf cart and divide yourselves up.’ Louis and I got into one, Niall and Sav in another and Harry, Zayn and Liam in another. ‘See you guys there!’ I shouted, zooming off.

The closer we got the bigger the house appeared, I wonder what the others will think.


Niall was driving the golf cart. In front of us I could hear Louis screaming as Kayleigh zoomed away. I looked over at my boy and thought of how cute he looked while driving. Well he was cute all the time!

‘Why are you staring at me?’ Niall asked not looking over.

‘I wasn’t staring, I was observing creepily.’ I said laughing. We were getting closer and closer to the house, Louis ad Kayleigh had disappeared a while ago, having zoomed off into the distance. Wow. This place was HUGE!

‘Woah…’ Niall muttered. ‘Are you hungry by any chance?’ He asked.

‘Nialler!’ I laughed. ‘How are you hungry again?’

‘Oh leave me alone,’ He said winking. We got to the door, to find it already open. There were varnished wooden floors, a huge spiral staircase and from the view outside, four storey’s. Kay came skidding into the living room in socks, Louis right behind her.

‘Wheeeeeee!’ He sang. Kay slipped and fell on her bum. I started laughing at her and she started laughing as well.

‘Owww!’ she wailed, laughing still.

‘Babe, are you okay?’ Louis said running towards her and slipping as well in the process. Kay crawled over to him, falling on top of him. Niall, always the good one went over to help pull them up, slipped, knocked me and I ran straight into Harry, who caught me, then dropped me.

‘Aaah!’ he screamed. ‘Sav, I’m sorry!’

‘It’s fine,’ I said laughing. Zayn came in surveying the scene. Louis was lying under Kay and both of them were laughing while Niall tried to pull them up, Harry was apologizing to me and the carpet was currently in the next room.

‘Welcome to the Mad House!’ Kay said laughing.

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