Neighbors? Yes please!

A new house in London? Brilliant! One Direction as neighbors? YES PLEASE!


8. Up all night

Woah. After that comment, I couldn’t concentrate throughout the entire movie. Had Louis Tomlinson just told me he LIKED me? Concentrate Kayleigh, concentrate. After the movie had finished, (what had we watched again? I can’t even remember) we realized that we still hadn’t done any unpacking. Great. ‘Hate to be a spoil sport guys,’ said Liam taking the responsibility out of my hands, ‘but we stayed to unpack, and we haven’t done any unpacking. At the very least we should get out some blankets and pillows, in case we happen to crash later?’ Liam suggested.

‘Okay, fine.’ Harry grumbled getting off of the couch and stretching. ‘Where are the boxes with the pillows and stuff in them?’ Harry asked Savana.

‘I have absolutely no cooking clue,’ she replied looking over at me.

‘Well don’t look at me!’ I said laughing, ‘We didn’t label any of the boxes, like dumbasses…’ I said. ‘Guess we just have to unpack all the other boxes until we get to them. They were gonna have to be unpacked at some point, right?’ I asked.

‘Yeah…’ Niall agreed, ‘Okay then let’s get to it!’ He said jumping off the couch and choosing a box to tackle first. ‘Okay, Sav and I will tackle this one,’ he said pointing to the box closest to them, ‘Harry, Zayn and Liam, you guys take that heavy one over there,’ He said pointing to the one Sav and I couldn’t budge earlier, ‘And that leaves Kay and Lou to pick a box,’ Said Niall smiling at us. ‘So this is what it’s like to be responsible? I don’t like it very much.’ Niall joked.

‘Okay,’ I said to Louis, ‘Let’s take this one, I have no idea what’s in here though…’ I told him.

‘Well seeing as we’re working together, tell me about yourself.’ Louis requested. I told him all  about the many, many moves I had gone through, I told him about the bullying I had faced in school before I got brave enough to stand up for myself and I told him about the times I had had with my friends back in South Africa. He was the perfect audience. When I told him about all of my moves, he asked all the right questions. When I told him about the bullying, he hugged me and told me that he was sorry that I had had to go through that. And when I talked about my friends, he laughed at the funny stories I told him, and was shocked at the things that we did. ‘Tell me a bit about your family,’ He asked. So I started from the beginning of my complicated family, telling him about divorces and just about everything.

‘You really are very easy to talk to,’ I told him, blushing. ‘I don’t think that I’ve ever opened up to somebody so quickly.’ I said. It was only then that I realized that we were on our third box, and that in that box were photo albums. ‘Oh no!’ I grimaced, ‘There are photo albums in here!’ I groaned. ‘You’re going to see all of my baby pictures!’ I said mortified.

‘If you let me look at your baby photos, I’ll let you look at mine…’ He bargained with me. ‘And I was a really cute baby, so you would be missing out,’ He said winking at me.

‘Just as long as you promise not to laugh…’ I said uncertainly, ‘I wasn’t exactly the prettiest baby,’ I said blushing.

He opened the book and said ‘Rubbish! You were beautiful! Look at those eyes! So blue!’ He said. After a mortifying half an hour, we had finished with all of the baby pictures, and the box as well.

‘Tomorrow,’ I said determinedly, ‘I am going over to your house and looking at all of your baby pictures, agreed?’

‘Okay, fine,’ He said laughing. We had cleared our side of the room, and it seemed like the others could manage their sides, but still had a lot to go. ‘How about we go start upstairs?’ Louis asked me. ‘I bet that the pillows and stuff are up there,’ He said. He had a point, and besides there wasn’t much we could do to help down here, meanwhile we still had the whole of upstairs to do.

‘Okay,’ I agreed. I told the others we were starting upstairs, and they let us go without comment. When we got upstairs, I said to Louis ‘Look at all of this stuff!’ I groaned. ‘Well I guess we have to start somewhere, so I would rather get the photos out of the way, before the others come upstairs and I look like an idiot.’ I said blushing. ‘If you don’t mind that is.’ I said.

‘Sure,’ He agreed smiling, ‘I understand, let’s get them over and done with, yeah?’ We finished the whole house overnight, Louis and I finishing my room last. I checked the time after we had finished and was surprised to find that it was 5 o’clock in the morning. Louis and I collapsed on the bed.

‘Ugh,’ I groaned, ‘I am so tired! I think we should get some rest as everyone else seems to have crashed downstairs already. And I can hear the snoring from here! I am not going to be able to get any sleep down there with that racket going on! We should just sleep here.’ I said. Luckily everyone had changed into their pajamas earlier on this evening.

‘Yes,’ Louis yawned, ‘I am not going to be able to make it downstairs at this rate anyway.’ We crawled into bed and drifted off to sleep almost immediately. My last conscious thought was ‘Hey I guess I stayed up all night with one direction. Kind of ironic’

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