Neighbors? Yes please!

A new house in London? Brilliant! One Direction as neighbors? YES PLEASE!


9. Uh Oh...

I woke up before Louis. For a minute, I freaked out. Where was I? This didn’t look like home! Oh wait! This was my NEW home. In London. And then a very important fact filtered through my brain. My new neighbors were one direction… and Louis Tomlinson was sleeping next to me. As I was sitting there, letting memories of last night filtered through my mind, Louis sat up.  ‘Morning,’ He said yawning and stretching. I took one look at him and burst out laughing. ‘What?’ He asked.

‘Um… Louis? I think we had some visitors last night…’ I said still laughing.

‘What makes you say that?’  He asked, confused.

‘The fact that you have a handlebar moustache and a goatee!’ I said crying with laughter.

‘WHAT???’ He yelled. He ran to my en suite bathroom and looked in the mirror. ‘Aaaagghhh!!!!’ He screamed, ‘I am going to kill them!’ He said looking at me furiously.

‘Don’t worry Louis, I know how to fix this, soap won’t work so don’t try.’ I said giggling.  ‘Come here,’ I told him. I rooted around in my newly filled drawer for spray-on deodorant.

‘Ummm… Kay? What are you doing with girl’s deodorant?’ He asked nervously.

‘Just trust me.’ I said to him. I went into the bathroom to get some tissue. ‘Now I need you to close shut your eyes, tight, and hold your nose and your mouth closed.’ I said. ‘It won’t take long,’ He did as I asked and started spraying on top of the permanent marker with deodorant. I wiped off the deodorant and his “facial hair” with it. He breathed out, relieved. ‘Now don’t tell them what happened, because they’re gonna make fun of you. Just walk downstairs like nothing happened, okay?’ I said.

He ran to the mirror, just to check that it was really off. ‘Thank you so much Kay!!!’ He said running in and hugging me.

‘Anytime, Lou.’ I said hugging him back. ‘Now let’s go down there and see their faces when you have no facial hair!’ I said giggling. I went down the stairs first, while Louis went to the bathroom. ‘Morning guys!’ I said walking downstairs.

‘Morning!’ They all shouted back, coming out of the living room to give me hugs.

‘How did you sleep?’ asked Harry snickering as he hugged me. ‘Where’s Lou?’ He asked, smiling mischievously.

‘He’ll be down now,’ I said smiling innocently at him. Wait until they see him! He walked downstairs, still in his pajamas like the rest of us.

‘Morning guys,’ he said walking downstairs, still facial hairless. All of their jaws dropped. I was trying so hard not to laugh I might have cracked a rib. ‘Cat got your tongue?’ He asked innocently. ‘Will you come help me with breakfast Kay?’ He asked.

‘Sure,’ I answered, trying to keep my voice steady. As we walked into the kitchen, and I shut the door, we burst out laughing. ‘High five,’ I said high fiving him.

‘That was priceless!’ said Louis, crying with laughter. ‘Well played!’ He said giving me another hug. ‘That was a great idea!’

‘Oh my word!’ I said hugging him back, ‘I’m going to be laughing at this one for weeks!’

‘Well we should probably start with breakfast, before they come in here and wonder what we’re doing,’ He said reaching for a frying pan. ‘Bacon and eggs sound good to you?’ He asked.

‘Sure,’ I answered smiling, ‘I’ll go get the bacon and eggs, and you grab the oil, okay?’ I asked.

‘Cool,’ He said, walking to the pantry to lift out the oil. Louis managed the bacon and I did the eggs. I did ours first, both sunny side up. I went to go find out how the others liked their eggs, and walked back in to find Louis singing “Everything about you”. I listened until the song was finished.

‘That was amazing!’ I said clapping.

‘Aah! You were- you just-‘He spluttered, blushing. ‘I mean to say-‘

‘Louis,’ I interrupted, ‘You are an international pop star, and you are embarrassed of singing in front of me?’ I asked raising an eyebrow and smirking at him.

‘I… well… It’s just that your opinion means a lot to me, okay?’ He admitted blushing even more. ‘I need to go… BRUSH MY TEETH!’ He shouted, hurrying past me.

‘Well that was weird…’ I said to myself.

‘Kayleigh!’ I heard Harry call from the living room.

‘Coming!’ I said walking out of the kitchen and into the living room. ‘Yes?’

‘Umm, can I talk to you?’ He asked.

‘Sure…’ I said following him into the dining room. ‘What’s up?’ I asked.

‘What was Louis so flustered about?’ asked Harry. ‘All I heard was him shout “BRUSH MY TEETH” and then he ran out as red as a beetroot, and ran upstairs. I’ve never seen him like that.’

‘I actually have no idea,’ I admitted, ‘I walked back into the kitchen, to find him singing “Everything about you” and then he turned around, saw me and freaked and then screamed “BRUSH MY TEETH”’ I said. ‘I’ll go see what’s going on…’ I said leaving the room, and walking upstairs. I walked into my bathroom.

‘Stupid, stupid!’ Louis was saying to himself, ‘Of course she was going to walk back in! I am so stupid! I hate myself!’

‘Louis?’ I said gently, walking into the bathroom, ‘Are you okay?’ I said peering into his eyes. ‘What was that about?’

Just at that moment, my phone rang, it was my mom. ‘Kayleigh, I need to talk to you. Sit down please, this isn’t good news…’

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