Neighbors? Yes please!

A new house in London? Brilliant! One Direction as neighbors? YES PLEASE!


24. Together Always

‘Are you ready to go Louis?’ I yelled to him. He was sitting in the living room talking to the boys while me and Savana were sitting talking in the kitchen.

‘Coming babe,’ He yelled back. ‘Wish me luck boys,’ I heard him say more quietly to the boys.

‘Okay, lets go!’ I said excitedly, grabbing the picnic basket off the kitchen counter.

‘Allow me, my lady.’ Louis teased as he took the basket from me.

‘Oh shut up Louis, I’m not as helpless as I look!’ I teased.

‘Oh really now?’ He said, arching an eyebrow and dropping the picnic basket. ‘should we test this theory of yours?’ He asked, stalking towards me like a lion hunting his prey.

‘Louis,’ I warned, laughing, ‘If you tickle me, I promise you, you will regret this.’ I said, as I backed away trying not to laugh.

‘Really?’ He said as he stopped, sarcastically pretending to think. ‘Well, now I have to do this!’ He lunged towards me, and I took off down the hall, running back towards the kitchen.

I reached the end of the hall, skidding on the rug in the kitchen, landing flat on my bum. ‘Owww!’ I yelled. I was quite sure that my tailbone was 50 shades of black and blue.

‘Babe?’ Louis asked, sounding worried. ‘Are you alright? I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean for that to happen!’ He sat down next to me, putting his arm around my waist.

‘Lou, it’s not your fault that I’m so clumsy!’ I laughed.

‘Well, you’re perfect to me.’ He said, looking away and blushing.

I grabbed his chin, turning his flaming red face towards mine. ‘I love you baby,’ I said, making our noses touch. ‘And I am so lucky that you feel the same way.’ I crushed my lips to his in a passionate kiss.

‘Guys?’ Zayn interrupted. ‘Shouldn’t you have already left?’ He asked, confused.

‘Um well… we… got… sidetracked,’ I laughed, blushing with embarrassment. ‘Come on Lou, let’s go!’

‘What, hungry again?’ He asked, teasing me.

‘Maybe,’ I laughed.

20 minutes later

‘Harry really is a good cook!’ I laughed. We had finished our lunch, and we were sitting on the cliff, where Louis had first told the world about us. Something had been nagging at me since before we had even got to Ireland. I just had to get this off my chest. ‘Louis?’ I asked softly, my voice already shaking.

‘What’s up babe?’ He asked, turning towards me. I couldn’t stop the hot, wet tears rolling down my cheeks. ‘Baby?’ Louis asked, worried. He put his arm around my shoulders, crushing me to his chest. ‘Shhhh, babe,’ He soothed me. ‘What’s wrong?’ He asked, concerned, after I had stopped crying.

‘It’s just, I’m worried,’ I admitted. ‘The past weeks have been absolutely amazing, but it wont always be like this, will it? You have to play concerts and go on tours, and I have to find somewhere to get a job, study some more. You’ll be away most of the time, and when you are home, I’ll probably be studying!’ I started crying again. ‘We’ve been living in a dream world for the past weeks, and it’s been amazing. I’m just worried that when reality does hit, it’ll be hard. I’m worried that I’ll never be this happy again. I’m worried that when you go on tour, or play concerts, that you’ll meet somebody better, prettier, than me. I’m scared that you’ll finally figure out that I don’t deserve you.’

‘What are you talking about baby? Sure, it wont always be the same, life will change. But you will always be the one for me, you will always be on my mind, in my heart. If anyone doesn’t deserve the other, it’s me.’ He said to me, wiping my tears away. ‘Now, come on, get up.’ He pulled me up. He kissed me and put his arms around my waist. ‘Now, stop this worrying, we are going to get through this together, alright?’ and with that, we walked off, fingers interlocked, and that way they would stay.



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