Neighbors? Yes please!

A new house in London? Brilliant! One Direction as neighbors? YES PLEASE!


10. Surprise?

‘What?’ I said starting to cry. ‘No!’ My mom soothed me through the phone. ‘When do I have to be there? I’ll book my tickets now. Thanks mom, love you lots, bye.’ I sobbed harder.

‘Kay?’  Louis asked uncertainly. ‘Come here,’ He said, pulling me in and hugging me tight. ‘What happened sweetheart? Talk to me.’ He hadn’t let me go yet.

‘My- My-‘ I said crying harder. ‘My mom just- she just told me that- that my grandma died of a- a-‘ I sobbed into his shoulder again, ‘a heart attack!’ I cried even harder.

‘Hey, hey,’ he said, holding me tighter. ’It’s okay, it’s okay… Come on, let’s go clean you up.’ He said taking my hand and leading me towards the bathroom again. I looked in the mirror and found that I had smudges down my face from my base; my mascara was running and my eyeliner too.

‘I’m sorry that you had to see me like this,’ I said once I stopped crying. I started to wash my face. I reapplied my base and eye shadow.

‘Don’t be,’ He said smiling, ‘I understand. Did the heart attack just come on all of a sudden?’ He asked looking at me again.

‘She had been sick for a while, but then she had a hip replacement, and it just got worse, she had been in and out of hospital since last year.’ I explained. ‘But then she got better and then I guess she went downhill again’ I said trying not to cry again.

At that moment, Liam came up the stairs and into the bedroom. ‘Kayleigh? Louis?’ Liam called, ‘Are you in here?’ He asked.

‘In here Liam,’ Louis replied.

‘What’s up guys?’ He asked walking into the bathroom. ‘You’ve been up here for a while, you guys okay?’ He asked. ‘You were up here for a while so I came up and looked for you. Breakfast is ready if you want?’ He asked smiling.

‘I’m not hungry…’ I said

I saw Liam give Louis a look that clearly said “What’s wrong?”, Louis said ‘Tell you later… We’ll be down just now okay?’ He said.

‘Sure,’ Liam said, walking out of the room. I finished reapplying my makeup, and walked up to Louis, who was sitting on the edge of the bath. I sat next to him.

‘Thank you so much Lou,’ I said to him, ‘You are an amazing friend, I’ve only known you for like, a day, but I find you so easy to talk to. How about you go get some breakfast, I’m going to take a shower and then re-reapply my makeup.’ I said, laughing at myself. ‘I think I just need a little bit of time to myself, okay? And while you’re there, please tell the boys and Sav what happened?’ I said to him with a smile.

‘Sure,’ He said giving me a hug, ‘The boys and I are going to go home, grab some more clothes and change, and then I promise I’ll be right back, okay? I promise.’ He said rubbing my shoulder.

‘Okay,’ I said smiling at him. ‘I’ll see you now.’

‘See you now,’ He confirmed with a smile.

I got into the shower, thinking things over. I guess I would have to go online and- wait. I haven’t set up the internet yet! But I remember Louis saying something about the boys having wifi. Great! I washed my hair and all of my makeup off.  I shaved my legs and made myself feel new- again. I got out and looked at myself in the mirror. The red marks and tear tracks down my face were gone, I was fresh. I put on a little bit of eyeliner and lip gloss, too lazy to go too overboard.

After I had changed into blue skinnys and a long sleeved shirt with a pink hoodie over it, I walked downstairs and poured some cereal. I was just putting the milk back in the fridge, when Sav came up behind me and hugged me. ‘Kay, I am so sorry! Lou told us all, I am really sorry!’ She said, looking me in the eye. ‘Are you okay?’

‘I’m fine,’ I said with a small smile. ‘It’s okay.’

‘The boys will be back-‘ She started.

‘I know,’ I interrupted, ‘I know, Lou told me.’ I said with a smile. ‘I’m going to go and grab my computer, and what do you say we go to the boys’ house? I need to use their internet. I’m booking tickets.’ I said.

‘Where to?’ asked Sav.

‘You’ll see,’ I said with a smile. ‘Come on, let’s go.’ I said. I ran upstairs to grab my laptop. When I got downstairs, Sav already by the door. ’Okay, I’m coming.’  

15 minutes later

As I booked 7 tickets to Ireland, I thought how nice it would be to see my family again; it was a pity that I had to be at a funeral though. I was just glad that Louis was coming with me. ‘What’s up Kay?’ asked Harry as I walked into their living room.

‘Guys,’ I said smiling, ‘We’re going to Ireland.’

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