Neighbors? Yes please!

A new house in London? Brilliant! One Direction as neighbors? YES PLEASE!


6. Sleepovers?

‘Busted!’ Screamed Niall as they walked in the door. Louis and I were lying, curled up on the couch together watching the old comedy “click”. ‘Have you guys done ANYTHING since we left?’ teased Niall.

‘Well we unpacked all the DVD’s,’ I said grinning, ‘and we started on the pictures but…’ I said embarrassed.

‘BUT,’ said Louis cutting in, ‘The TV was calling us. Right Kay?’ He said looking at me.

‘Right,’ I said trying to say thank you to him for saving me through my eyes, ‘and plus it was no fun unpacking without the crazies around!’ I said at them winking. ‘So how were the shops? What did you guys buy?’

‘Loads!’ Said Sav, clearly over the moon at spending so much time with Niall, ‘We bought like the whole store, and they paid! I tried to stop them but then Niall carried me away so I couldn’t!’ Said Sav giving me a look that clearly said “I’m about to die from happiness”.

‘Well then we better unpack the shop from the car then, shouldn’t we Kay?’ Said Louis looking at me again.

‘Right, but all the rest of you shouldn’t even think of trying to get out of that one!’ I said to Savana and the boys. ‘Come on muscle men, let’s go unpack the shop,’ I said over my shoulder as I walked out the door, the rest of them following in my wake.

As I got to the car, I opened the boot and started getting some of the groceries out. Thank Goodness the fridge had already been on for the whole day, otherwise the food would have spoiled. I grabbed the nearest grocery bag and found, to my delight, that the boys and Sav had thought to pick up some chocolate! I had been having withdrawal symptoms. And that reminded me – ‘Sav? Please tell me you thought to pick up some 2 liter cokes?’ I shouted into the house, as her and Niall had already gone inside with some bags.

‘Yes! I did!’ she shouted back, ‘About 15 of them!’ She shouted through the door giggling.

‘Why so many?’ I asked, shocked.

Luis answered me saying ‘Oh don’t worry, we’re addicts, any less and they would have been finished in 2 seconds!’ He laughed.

After we had unpacked all of the groceries, and everything was in the cupboards and fridge, I and Sav went to the bathroom. ‘So? How’s it been spending time with Niall?’ I asked raising an eyebrow. ‘Having fun?’

‘I could ask the same thing about Louis,’ Said Sav winking at me, ‘but yes it’s been pretty great, I must say.’ She said with a grin. ‘So how was your movie date?’ she asked, teasing me.

‘It was not a date!’ I said blushing, ‘It was just two friends sitting down and watching a movie.’

‘Sure it was…’ she said as we left the bathroom. As we were walking back to the kitchen we stopped, hearing voices coming from inside.

‘So, Louis How was your date?’ we heard someone say. ‘It was not a date!’ Louis said almost sounding annoyed. ‘Yeah sure, you’re running after her like a puppy!’ said somebody, it sounded like Liam, ‘Sort of like Niall and Savana, lovebirds.’ Liam said. ‘I’m not even gonna try and deny it,’ said Niall. Sav and I looked t each other and smiled. Everything was going perfectly!

As we walked into the kitchen, everybody went quiet. ‘Been talking about us have you?’ Said Sav laughing. All of the boys blushed guiltily. We pretended not to notice.

‘Wow,’ I said, ‘it’s nearly 6! Time has really flown! And we haven’t even got anything unpacked!’

‘Well we came to help,’ said Harry sounding guilty, ‘So if you want we could stay the night and help you guys unpack, and of course watch movies?’ He asked excitedly.

‘Sure, I’m sure we can deal with that,’ said Savana smiling excitedly.

‘We should probably make dinner though,’ I said, ‘I’m starving!’

‘Me too!’ Said Niall and Louis simultaneously.

‘You guys are always hungry!’ Groaned Harry, ‘What are we going to eat? I can make a call and order pizza from the place down the road?’ He suggested.

‘Great!’ I said, ‘ It’s been a long exciting day, and we have an even longer more exciting night ahead, and I really don’t feel like cooking, so I’m for that idea, everyone else okay with that?’ I asked looking around. Everyone nodded their heads and everyone but me and Louis walked back to the living room.

‘So it’s our first sleepover huh?’ Said Louis laughing.

‘Sure is,’ I said with a giggle, ‘and there will be many more to come I think.’ I said with another chuckle.

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