Neighbors? Yes please!

A new house in London? Brilliant! One Direction as neighbors? YES PLEASE!


22. She Loves me, she loves me not?

‘Woah guys!’ I said running inside and skidding in between Zayn and the others. ‘What just happened? I get back, Niall storms out and you guys look like you are going to kill Zayn! Explain please!’ I asked.

‘Well Zayn here-‘ Harry started, moving towards me.

‘It was a joke!’ Zayn said backing up against the wall.

‘Well it wasn’t very funny!’ screamed Sav, close to tears. ‘Niall’s gone! Thanks to you!’

‘Guys!’ I yelled walking towards them. ‘Stop it! What happened?’ I asked.

‘Zayn,’ Harry started, ‘Told Niall that he was getting “a bit podgy” and that he should go on a diet. Niall then said he was sick of this and can everybody just lay off about his weight because he’s actually happy with the way he is.’ Harry said, his voice rising with each word.

‘And then he left,’ Savana said, starting to cry.

‘Okay, first of all, Zayn how could you! I can’t believe you! And don’t interrupt me please!’ I said as Zayn opened his mouth. ‘Second of all, Sav it’s going to be fine okay?’ I said, walking towards Sav and giving her a hug. ‘And lastly, everyone, leave Zayn alone, okay?’ I said looking at Harry in particular.

‘But-‘ Harry started.

‘Enough.’ I said sternly. At that moment, Louis arrived.

‘Kay,’ He said. ‘He left in a golf cart, and you know the area better than I do, so please come and help me find him.’ He said pleadingly.

‘Of course,’ I said. ‘And when I’m gone,’ I said turning around. ‘Leave Zayn alone.’

Louis and I ran outside, hopping into the golf cart. ‘You can still see the tracks! Let’s go!’ I said, starting the cart. We followed the tracks down through all of the trees, down several roads until eventually, we found the golf cart- Empty. ‘Uh oh…’ I murmured.

‘Where is he? What’s wrong?’ Louis asked, worried.

‘Lou,’ I said carefully. ‘This is where all of the wild horses are kept.’ I said, worrying.

‘Let’s go,’ He said. We walked into the clearing to find Niall sitting in the middle of the field. ‘Niall?’ Louis asked quietly.

‘Go away,’ He said quietly. ‘I don’t want to talk.’ I motioned for Louis to go back to  the cart.

‘See you now babe,’ I whispered, kissing him on the cheek and squeezing his hand. ‘Niall? Are you okay?’ I asked sitting down next to him and crossing my legs.

He just stared into space, watching the horses graze as the moonlight shone down on their fur. ‘I don’t think so.’ He whispered.

‘Niall, Zayn was just joking about your weight, He is really sorry.’ I reassured him.

‘It’s not about Zayn.’ He said to me. ‘It was at first I mean, but now, I’ve been thinking about things, and I guess I’m scared.’ He admitted in a whisper.

‘What are you scared of?’ I asked, also whispering.

‘It’s just Savana. She’s the best thing that has ever happened to me, she’s beautiful, funny and intelligent and already I love her. I’m just scared that she’ll find somebody better, that she’ll realize that she deserves better than me.’ He said, sniffing and wiping away a tear.

‘Nialler,’ I said putting my arm around him. ‘Please don’t cry. I’ll tell you one thing right now. Savana loves you. Before she knew you properly, maybe it was because you were famous. But now that she knows you, she’s fallen in love with your personality. Now pick yourself up, pull yourself together and let’s go home.’ I said smiling.

We got back to the cart. ‘Are you okay Nialler?’ Louis asked worried.

‘Everything is fine now.’ He said. I smiled at Louis and took his hand. ‘Let’s go home,’ Niall said smiling. ‘I have a beautiful girl to see.’ Niall said, referring to Savana.

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