Neighbors? Yes please!

A new house in London? Brilliant! One Direction as neighbors? YES PLEASE!


2. Ohmigod Ohmigod Ohmigod!

Aah! A relaxing 12 hour long sleep was just what the doctor ordered it seemed! As I stood up I stretched all of the kinks out of my back. Jeez! Planes were horribly uncomfortable! I had slept for twelve uninterrupted hours it seemed. I looked at the time and found it was 10 in the morning. Excellent!


 As I started moving out of the bedroom I heard sounds coming from the kitchen and the wonderful smell of bacon and toast wafting out around my head. Perfect! Sav was making breakfast and I was STARVING! After a quick detour to the bathroom, I walked into the kitchen to go and help Sav make breakfast. I walked in and found the kettle boiling, the bread toasting and the bacon sizzling in the pan. “Wow Sav! It smells amazing!” I said as I walked in sniffing the air appreciatively. “Yeah,” she admitted, “I woke up and was starving so I stated making breakfast! I was wondering when you would eventually drag your lazy butt out of bed and start helping!”


After a lovely breakfast of bacon, toast and hot chocolate I suggested we go outside and check out our new garden. I was on my way to the door when I realized that we were in England and going outside in our short sleeved pajama tops was not a good idea! After rushing back to our rooms and putting on about five layers of extra clothing on plus boots, beanies and gloves we started towards the door once again. Even though I had extra clothing, gloves, boots and about my whole wardrobe on, the cold air and wind hit me like a slap in the face. “Oh my God! It’s freezing and it’s only spring time! Winter is going to it us like a ton of bricks!” I said.

 As we walked out the door, I smelt freshly cut grass and the smell of newly blossomed flowers. I was just wondering who our neighbors were when I tripped over thin air it seemed and ended up flat on my bottom in the middle of the garden! Me and Sav started laughing so loudly that a few birds flew out of the tree nearby!


 As I was getting up I noticed our neighbors coming out to see what all of the racket was about. So just to paint the picture, here’s Sav and I standing there, shivering with yesterday’s old makeup running down our faces, cheeks bright red with the cold and mud and grass stains all down our pants from where we had fallen (Sav had fallen trying to get me up). So it was just our luck that out of all the people in the world that could have seen us in such a state our neighbors just had to come out. If it was anybody else it would have been fine… but guess who came out of the house next door? Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik and Liam Payne. Yep, One direction. Well I was the first to notice this and I grabbed Sav’s arm (nearly toppling us over I the process) and ran back inside as fast as my grass stained legs would carry me.


 “What was that for?” Savana asked, a bit annoyed.


 “Found out who our neighbors are… I think it’s time to get out the old makeup out and get our neighborly on Savana…”

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