Neighbors? Yes please!

A new house in London? Brilliant! One Direction as neighbors? YES PLEASE!


1. Moving to London. Should be fun?

Finally! London here I come! I had dreamt about living in London since I was a little girl living in South Africa. Sure I had friends there and sure the weather was nice but London! Wow. I was born there, but my parents had no intrest in the city-Or the country for that matter! Europe was basically a no-go zone for them. They grew up there, my granparents grew up there, my great gradparents grew up there and so on. Not me! I spent most of my life moving around. 8 countries i had lived in! I had done Asia, Africa and a little bit of Europe. When I told my parents on my 21st birthday that I was moving to London they made predictions that I would be out of there in 2 months and no more. Rain, wind and horrible people was all I heard from them! But I decided that it was MY life, MY choices. And besides, I wouldn't be alone! My friend Savana was going to room with me until we got sorted out! We saved up for  a brand new furnished house and even new clothes! I was the definition of excited. So we got on the plane and headed off to London. We had coats on, boots and of course famous beanies! All I could hope for was nice neighbors! And boy was I in for a shock! As we flew into Heathrow airport the temperature dropped by a bit. We could feel-even in the plane! Finally after we had been through hell in the airport with a lady who refsed to move her bag, a taxi driver who we coud barely understand and having trouble getting all of our stuff into the taxi, we were here finally! Our new home! which was much bigger than we expected! We got in, unpacked and got into our beds to try and sleep off a serious bit of jet lag. Thank goodness we got all of that sleep because tomorrow we were in for a surprise when we went outsde to go and check out the garden and we finally got sight of our new neighbors....

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