Neighbors? Yes please!

A new house in London? Brilliant! One Direction as neighbors? YES PLEASE!


11. Movie Night!

‘WHAT???’ yelled Louis. ‘Yes! We’re going to Ireland, we’re going to Ireland, maybe we can stop and see Nialler’s family?’ Louis said excitedly, running up to me and lifting me off my feet as he hugged me. ‘But don’t we all need to buy our tickets?’

‘Okay,’ I gasped, ‘First of all you need to put me down before I break a rib or something,’ He loosened his hold on me but still didn’t put me down, ‘Second of all, I paid for all of us!’ I said excitedly. ‘I’ve been saving up for a holiday, so I booked us all business class tickets to Ireland!’

‘Oh my gosh!’ said Louis spinning me around, ‘I lov-‘ He cut himself off blushing. He put me down and immeadiately I was enveloped by the boys and Sav in a huge group hug. ‘Don’t leave me out!’ Said Louis, fighting his way in.

‘Hey, bugger off,’ Harry joked with him, ‘It’s our Kayleigh time!’ Said Harry laughing.

‘Stop fighting or I’ll leave you at home.’ I said, jokingly.

‘Sorry Mom,’ They all said simultaneously. I just laughed at them.

‘So when do we leave?’ asked Liam, always the responsible one.

‘2 days time! And we’re there for 3 weeks!’ I told them excitedly.

‘Well at least we aren’t busy for the next 3 months or so!’ Said Niall. ‘Thank you so much Kay, I cant tell you how much this means to me,’ He said giving me another hug.

‘My pleasure Nialler.’ I said hugging him back. Louis came back and stood next to me. ‘So guys! Time to start packing! Do you guys want to stay here and do your stuff and me and Sav can do our stuff?’

‘I am staying with Niall.’ Said Sav determinedly.

‘Okay,’ I said, ‘I’ll go start my stuff, and you guys stay here?’ I asked.

‘No way in hell,’ Louis growled, ‘You’ve had your alone time, you’re not getting away from me now,’ He joked.

‘Okay, You come with me and everyone else stays here?’ I asked.

‘Yay!’ He said.  ‘We’re leaving now!’ He said, teasing me and winking.

‘Okay, okay. Let’s go then.’ I said, smiling at him. We walked out the door and back into our house. It was still warm inside, so I kicked off my shoes as soon as we walked into the house, and shrugged my coat off, flinging it onto the coat hanger. ‘Do you know what the weather is like at this time of year in Ireland?’ I asked Lou. ‘I haven’t been there in years, and I’m usually cold anyway.’

‘I’m pretty sure it’s very similar to England at this time of year,’ He told me.

‘Cool, at least I know what to pack now,’ I said with a smile. ‘But before we start packing, I really need some hot chocolate. You want some?’ I asked.

‘Please!’ Said Lou excitedly. ‘I’ll come and help,’

‘You know,’ I told him, ‘It’s weird, I’ve only known you guys for a day and already, we’re all going on a 3 week holiday together, and you guys are meeting my family!’ I said excitedly.

‘I’m just worried about your dad,’ Said Louis, nervously.

‘Don’t worry about it, I’ll tell him to keep his claws in.’ I teased. We finished our hot chocolate and went upstairs to start packing some things.

‘Oh, one question,’ Said Lou. ‘Where are we staying while we’re in Ireland?’ He asked.

‘I booked us into a five star hotel, looking over the green Irish hills, and close to the mountains.’ I said proudly with a grin.

‘You really are the best Kay,’ He said giving me a hug. We finished packing all of my stuff, except for my toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, comb, deodorant and shampoo and conditioner, all of which I would use again before we would leave. ‘Well that went faster than expected!’ Said Lou.

At that moment, I heard Harry let himself in. ‘Kay? Lou? I’m hoooommmeeee!!!’

‘Coming Harry,’ I yelled down the stairs. ‘Come on,’ I said to Lou. ‘Let’s go.’ We walked down the stairs to see Harry holding an armful of movies.

‘Hey guys!’ He said smiling up at us, ‘Guess what?’ He said.

‘What?’ We both replied.

‘We’re having a…’ he started.

‘MOVIE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ The rest of the boys screamed as they walked through the door, holding even more movies and popcorn.

‘Fine by me,’ I said smiling, ‘But popcorn is on you.’ I said as I curled up with Louis on the couch and harry started to turn on the DVD player.

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