Neighbors? Yes please!

A new house in London? Brilliant! One Direction as neighbors? YES PLEASE!


19. How romantic

*DING DONG* ‘Aaaaaaaaaah!’ Louis screamed. He ran over and picked me up from behind the stove. He threw me over his shoulder, ran in a circle yelling “They’re here! They’re here!’, and then ran towards the door, put me down in front of it and put his arm calmly around my waist.

‘Ready now?’ I teased.

‘As I’ll ever be,’ He smiled back, kissing me on the cheek. I opened the door slowly.

‘Miss Kayleigh Kittle!’ My grandpa said enveloping me in a hug.

‘Hey Gramps,’ I said hugging him back. ‘How are you holding?’ At that moment, Niall came running through the entrance hall holding pants. “NIALLLL!” We heard. A second later, Harry ran in, in a tie and his underwear, with a spatula in hand. I saw this, stepped outside dragging Louis with me and shut the door. ‘I’ll let you in in a minute…’ I said blushing.

‘Umm… okay,’ said my grandpa.

‘Sorry for being so rude, my name is Louis, Louis Tomlinson.’ Louis introduced himself.

‘Nice to meet you,’ My granddad said smiling.

‘This is my boyfriend,’ I told him. ‘Isn’t he hot?’ I said in a stage whisper, causing Louis to blush. ‘It should be safe to go in now,’ I said to them. ‘Louis babe,’ I said turning to him. ‘Don’t you want to take them inside, set them in the lounge, I’m going to go assess the… situation… in the kitchen.’ I said.

‘Okay honey, see you now.’ He said. ‘Come with me,’ he said walking them inside.

‘YES!’ I whispered victoriously to myself, doing a little victory dance. ‘Right, kitchen.’ I said to myself. I walked in to find Harry lifting soufflés out of the oven. Chocolate soufflés. And he still had no pants on. ‘Harry!’ I said. ‘Those are amazing!’ I said sniffing appreciatively.

‘Thanks!’ He said.

‘Right all of you,’ I said addressing everyone, except Louis who was in the living room, ‘Please go introduce yourselves. Oh and Harry,’ I said to him as he was about to leave the kitchen. ‘You might want to put on some pants before you go out there.’ I said laughing at him as I left the kitchen, the boys and Sav behind me.

As I walked into the living room, I found Lou entertaining my grandparents. ‘Kayleigh!’ My grandpa said excitedly, ‘How come you didn’t tell us your boyfriend was part of one direction?’ Wait… My grandfather has heard of one direction? Okay then…

‘I thought you wouldn’t have heard of them!’ I explained. ‘Speaking of one direction, here is the rest of the band; Harry, Niall, Zayn and Liam, and my friend from South Africa, Savana. She moved to the UK with me.’ I explained, pointing to each of them as I said their names.

‘Nice to meet you,’ My grandfather said.

‘Now, I think dinner is ready; Harry cooked it all.’ I told them. ‘Do you want to come to the dining room?’ I asked.

‘Okay,’ My grandfather said walking out in the direction of the dining room. ‘Harry, please come help me carry dishes out, everybody else, you can go sit down, unless you want to help, that is.’ Everybody cleared out except for Harry and I. ‘Thought so.’ I said laughing.

‘Let’s go,’ Harry said. We brought out the starters of Ham and Pea soup and salad. ‘There you go,’ Said Harry placing the last bowl of soup in front of Louis. As he walked away, Louis pinched his ass. Harry gasped but tried to play it off as a sigh.

‘Louis!’ I whispered quietly, kicking him under the table.

‘What?’ He asked trying not the laugh.

‘Stop it,’ I warned. ‘Guys help yourself to salad please.’ I told them. Dinner went smoothly, with only a couple of sexual comments from the boys, all of which, thankfully, went straight over my grandfather’s head.

‘Guys!’ I said running over to them and hugging them all. ‘Thank you!’ I stopped by Louis, kissing him on the cheek. ‘They like you!’ I told them.

‘Phew,’ He said letting out a large breath of air. He hugged me and said, ‘Want to go for a golf cart ride?’

‘Okay,’ I said smiling excitedly. The sun was about to set, and I knew the perfect hill to watch it from. How romantic.

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