Neighbors? Yes please!

A new house in London? Brilliant! One Direction as neighbors? YES PLEASE!


3. Freshening Up

 ‘You’re kidding,’ Savana said. ‘There is no way on this planet that our favorite band of all time and our celebrity crushes are next door to us right now!’

‘They are!’ I said, ‘Believe it! One direction is next door to us right now!’

‘So why the hell did you drag me inside? I was about to meet my soul mate!’  Savana said, clearly annoyed.

‘Look at us Sav!’ I reminded her, ‘We’re a mess! We need to shower, brush our teeth and get all of this old makeup off before we even think about going over there! I’ll go and find the box with our makeup in it and you take the first shower so long, okay?’

‘Okay!’ she said.

So off I went to go find the box with our makeup in it. It was only our personal stuff in the boxes, no furniture, so it couldn’t be that hard could it? After going through 4 boxes I finally found our toiletries. In the other boxes I had looked in so far I had found our straightners and hairdryers, but there was no sign of the brushes (soap, shampoo and conditioner plus our razors were already in the bathroom.). Savana came out in her gown; her hair in a towel and said ‘Good news! The hot water works!’

‘Great! Okay I’ve managed to find our straightners, our hairdryers and our makeup but I can’t find our combs or brushes.’ I explained.

‘Don’t worry about it, I’ll go through the rest of the boxes,’ Sav offered

‘Cool thanks Sav!’ I shouted over my shoulder as I shuffled my way to the bathroom with a towel over my shoulder.

I stripped down and got into the shower, letting the hot jet of steamy water soothe my still aching muscles. I sighed in relief. I washed my hair, singing one direction songs at the top of my voice. I got out, drying myself off and toweling my wet hair dry - well dryer. As I walked out of the bathroom Sav gave me a round of applause. ‘And that was the grand finale of the X factor season five ladies and gentlemen,’ she said in a deep announcer voice, ‘give it up one more time for our winner!’

‘Oh shut up you!’ I joked with her.’ Did you manage to find the brushes and combs yet, or did you spend all that time listening to my amazing voice?’ I asked teasing her.

‘Nope, here they are! There are two plug points in here so we could just dry our hair and stuff together?’ she suggested.

‘Cool!’ I answered starting to brush through my knotty hair. As I yanked the comb through my hair getting most of the knots out, my mind drifted to our neighbors and I was wondering what they were doing at that moment. After drying my hair and straightening all o the kinks out, I walked into the bathroom to start with my makeup.

‘Oh my word, I feel so much better now!’ Sav remarked as she also walked into the bathroom to start with makeup.

‘Me too!’ I sighed trying to find my base. Once I had found it I put it on, followed by bronzer, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara and my favorite Tutti Frutti flavored  lip-gloss. ‘Much better! I finally feel like me again!’ I said to Sav.

‘Me as well. You look amazing Kay! Don’t go stealing Niall from me now!’ she joked.

‘Back at you Sav,’ I replied truthfully, ‘and as long as you keep your eyes firmly focused on Niall and stay away from Louis, I’m sure it’ll be fine!’ I joked. ‘After all Louis is single after his horrible break-up with Eleanor last year!’ I said with a grin. Now for the clothes…

After throwing on a pair of skinnys, a long sleeved black top, a black hoodie and my knee high, form fitting high heeled boots (I was a bit on the short side), we got ready to go meet our new neighbors, and possibly, if we were lucky, our new boyfriends as well…

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