Neighbors? Yes please!

A new house in London? Brilliant! One Direction as neighbors? YES PLEASE!


23. Excitement

‘Guess who we found!’ Screamed Louis as we walked in through the door. He piggybacking me through the door and Niall following close behind us.

‘Niall!’ Sav screamed running up to him and jumping on him.

‘Hey,’ He smiled. ‘Sorry I left. Zayn? All’s forgiven bro, bring it in.’ He said, putting Sav down and pulling Zayn into a brotherly hug.

‘Let’s go to bed babe,’ said Louis, yawning.

‘What, did all of that riding tire you out?’ I teased. ‘No, okay I’m also tired, let’s go choose a room. West or East wing?’ I yawned.

‘East, then we can see the sun rising tomorrow morning.’ He said. ‘Let’s go,’ He put me down, put his arm around my waist and started pulling me towards the stairs.

‘Wait,’ I laughed. I pried his arm away from my waist and turned around. ‘Night everyone,’ I said, hugging everyone. ‘See you in the morning guys, sleep well. Now we can go,’ I laughed, walking back to Lou. He put his arm around my waist once more and led me up the stairs. ‘This way Lou,’ I laughed leading him the other way.

‘Let’s take this room,’ He said once we had gone up five floors and got to the end of a very long corridor. ‘Far away from everyone, it’ll give us some alone time.’ He explained.

‘Very romantic,’ I yawned.

‘Tired are we?’ He teased.

‘Mhmm,’ I mumbled, kicking the door open. I pulled the covers back and climbed into bed, clothes on and all. ‘Get in, it’s cold in here.’ I yawned. I put my head on the pillow and immediately my eyes grew heavy. ‘Night babe, love you.’ I said as I fell asleep.

‘Love you too babe,’ I heard him whisper as he climbed in beside me.


I woke up with the sun shining in my face, warming me up. I looked over to find Lou still sleeping. He looked so cute. He opened one eye, ‘Take a picture, it’ll last longer,’ He teased.

‘Sorry,’ I murmured blushing. ‘You just look so cute when you sleep. Too bad it doesn’t last until you wake up.’ I teased him back.

‘Hey, watch it.’ He laughed. He rolled over, falling out of bed. ‘I meant to do that,’ He gasped.

‘Sure you did,’ I howled with laughter. I was laughing so hard that I fell off the bed too, right next to Louis. ‘Owww,’ I wailed, laughing so hard I was crying.

‘We’re hopeless,’ He laughed, also crying.

At that moment, Harry walked in. ‘Um, guys?’ He laughed. ‘What are you doing on the floor?’ He asked, still laughing.

Louis and I looked at each other and burst out laughing again. ‘We- we f- fell off th- the bed!’ I gasped trying to breathe.

‘Okay,’ Harry laughed, sounding confused. ‘Just wanted to let you guys know, that breakfast is ready. I made pancakes!’ He said sounding very proud.

‘Nice,’ I said grinning. ‘I’m starving! How did you find us by the way?’ I asked.

‘Followed the laughing,’ He said with a wink. ‘See you guys now,’ He said, turning around and walking out of the room.

Louis jumped up. ‘Can I help you?’ He asked, laughing and extending his hand.

‘Thanks,’ I said as he pulled me up. ‘Let's go eat!’ I said excitedly.

‘Is food all you think about?’ He teased. When we got into the kitchen, all I could smell was butter melting on pancakes. It smelt amazing.

‘Mmmm,’ I sighed appreciatively. ‘Smells amazing Harry!’ I complimented.

‘You guys better eat up, I think I made too much,’ He said worriedly.

‘Kay and I are going on a picnic-date-thing-a-ma-bob,’ Louis  struggled to explain. ‘Can we take some with?’ He asked.

I didn’t hear Harry’s reply, all I could think about was this date, and boy was I excited!

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