Neighbors? Yes please!

A new house in London? Brilliant! One Direction as neighbors? YES PLEASE!


20. Everything

Come on,’ Louis said to me. ‘This time, I’m driving!’ He said excitedly.

‘What,’ I asked. ‘Was my driving not fast enough for you?’ I asked sarcastically. We had gotten to the house at least 10 minutes before any of the others.

‘Too fast,’ He said. ‘We’re driving a golf cart, not auditioning for the fast and the furious.’ He joked.

‘Oh, stop complaining.’ I said as I swung myself into the golf cart.

Sorry mom.’ He joked. As soon as I was in, he dropped the clutch and let the cart go. ‘Wheeeeeeee!’ He sang.

‘Oh and I drive fast?’ I gasped as too much air rushed down my nose at once. ‘Turn right here, then take the second left and then a right again. Go straight through the forest, and you will see the edge of a cliff.’ I directed him.

He zoomed around the corners, and narrowly missed all of the trees in the forest. He came to a soft stop a few meters away from the edge of the cliff. ‘Wow,’ He remarked, looking around.

‘It’s beautiful, right?’ I asked. I went over to the edge and sat down, crossing my legs. I patted the ground next to me, indicating that Louis should sit down next to me. ‘Thank you so much for coming here with me,’ I said to him. ‘Everything is easier when you are around.’ I told him blushing.

‘I could say the same thing for you. Thank you so much for bringing me and the boys, Kay. It means a lot, especially to me. When is the funeral?’ He asked quietly.

‘Wednesday, but babe, I don’t want everyone to come. I was quite close to my gran, and if everyone comes, I feel like they’ll be recognized and attention will be taken away from her amazing life and the amazing things that she did.’ I explained, tears coming to my eyes.

‘Babe,’ He said, enveloping me in a hug, ‘Don’t cry, I won’t come if you don’t want me to.’ He said.

‘No, please come!’ I asked. ‘I really need you there, here, right now, forever and always.’ I said smiling.

‘Forever and always,’ He repeated. ‘I don’t know if I’m going to last that long babe… I don’t know how I’m going to deal with you,’ He joked.

‘Well get used to it,’ I told him laughing, ‘because you’re not getting away now. However I must admit, I’m a little cautious,’ I said.

‘Why?’ He asked.

‘Because every boyfriend that I have ever had, has dumped me flat on my ass with my heart shattered and bleeding. I don’t want that to happen again, but I have waited my whole life for this. I just want to… I just want this to work Lou. So damn badly it hurts. Please catch me, because I’m falling, hard.’

‘Don’t worry, I’ll always catch you. Those other guys were assholes; they didn’t know what they were throwing away. I will never hurt you Kay. I know it sounds crazy, but I love you already.’ He told me, blushing.

‘I understand, exactly. I feel like I’m moving too fast and too slow all at once. I feel like fainting, crying, laughing and screaming all at once. It’s like the first dip on a rollercoaster, the first sip of coke, the syrup on the pancakes, the icing on the cupcakes. It’s beautiful, terrifyingly amazing and I want to hold on and throw my hands up in the air all at once. I think this is what true love feels like. I think this is it baby, I think I finally found Mr. Right. I’m not the most beautiful, skinny, normal, amazing, accepting, perfect girl you’ll ever find, but I’m me. And part of me, is this spontaneity, this recklessness of falling in love with a used to be stranger.’ I said. ‘Now I’m babbling, oh my word I sound stupid.’

‘That was lovely babe,’ He said. ‘Take a picture with me, right now, in this exact moment.’ He said.

‘Why?’ I asked, curious.

‘Because this is going on twitter. Our first sunset together. Our first real alone time since we met really. This moment right here, this is perfect.’ He said smiling. He lifted his phone. ‘Say cheese baby,’ He laughed.

‘Cheeeessseee!’ I said with the biggest grin of my life on my face. ‘The fans will like me, won’t they?’ I asked worriedly.

‘The fans are going to love you,’ He assured me. ‘Who wouldn’t? The boys and I fell in love with you, just in different ways.’ He said smiling. I watched him tweet. ‘Sunset on the hills with my girl, Kayleigh Kittle. Love you sweetheart.’ He then tagged me and tweeted it. I retweeted it later and then the fan mail, hate mail and death threats came through. I read the nice ones, deleted the mean ones (Before Lou could see them) and ignored the death threats. When I looked up, the sun was in exactly the right place, the sky had turned red with its light.

I stood up, Louis following me. I turned to him, putting my arms around his neck. ‘Baby,’ I said to him. ‘Go on a date with me. A picnic, tomorrow, here, alone.’ I said to him.

‘Mmmm…’ I don’t know,’ He said jokingly. ‘Of course, we’ll make Harry cook for us.’ He said.

‘Okay,’ I laughed. ‘Thank you,’ I said.

‘For what?’ He asked.

‘Everything,’ I said simply, hugging him and burying my face in his neck

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