Neighbors? Yes please!

A new house in London? Brilliant! One Direction as neighbors? YES PLEASE!


4. Be cool... Or hot!

‘Okay,’ I coached Sav as we walked out of the door, ‘Remember, no fan girling, screaming or crying, okay? Got that?’

‘Yes, yes I know Kay you’ve told me about 10 times now!’ She teased, ’I think I can manage this one,’

‘I’m sorry, it’s just that I am trying really hard not to scream right now, and if I keep going over it, I won’t do those things either! This has to go perfectly!’ I demanded.

‘Don’t worry Kay,’ she assured me, ‘We’ve got this… Right?’

‘We better,’ I said as we walked out the door, ‘Now remember, watch where you step we cannot end up falling like last time!’ I laughed.

‘Hey! You’re the clumsy one!’ She teased.

As we got up to their front garden, I noticed they had a cute little white picket fence surrounding their garden. They also had an adorably cute little white gate leading into the garden. I opened the latch on the gate easily and let myself inside.

‘Isn’t this trespassing?’ Sav whispered to me.

‘No man! This is England everybody does it here!’ I said with confidence, ‘I’ve seen it in the movies!’

‘Okay…’ she said following me in doubtfully.

As we got up to the front door, I realized how crazy this really was. I, a normal 21 year old, with my normal 21 year old friend, was walking up to one direction’s front door, in London. What were the chances of this ever happening? Next to nothing, that’s what!

‘Okay, on the count of three, we knock, okay?’ I asked, ‘One, Two, And Three!’ We knocked simultaneously on their wooden door. I heard some shouting and saw the curtains rustle. All of a sudden all five of the One Direction guys we standing in the doorway smiling.

‘Hi, I’m Kayleigh, but you can call me Kay, and this is my friend Savana,’ I said to them, introducing ourselves with a smile, ‘sorry to bother you, but we’ve just moved into the house next door and we wanted to come and introduce ourselves.’ I explained smiling. ‘I hope you weren’t busy?’

‘Hey, I’m Louis this is Harry, Liam, Zayn and Niall,’ He said pointing at each one as he said their names, ‘It was lovely of you guys to come over and introduce yourselves, re you enjoying London so far? Don’t worry about it, we weren’t busy, actually we were just about to watch a movie, Care to join us?’ He said grinning.

“Sure!’ Sav and I said at the same time.

‘Hi, as you know I’m Niall, and the question on my mind is, where did you move from, and did they have Nando’s there?’ Niall asked teasingly.

As Savana and Niall stayed talking just inside the front door, Louis led me inside with the rest of the boys following. It was warm and toasty inside and the fire was lit. The overall effect was really quite homey.

‘Mmmm, is that butter popcorn I smell?’ I asked sniffing appreciatively.

‘Sure is! My favorite,’ said Louis, ‘we haven’t chosen a movie yet, but I am fond of horror movies, and you?’

‘Definitely! Horror’s are the best!’ I exclaimed excitedly, ‘Back in South Africa, me and my friend used to watch horror-‘I stopped, finding that talking about home was kind of sensitive. I hadn’t realized I missed it so much already.

‘Are you okay?’ Louis asked, ‘You seem sad all of a sudden?’

‘Just missing home a bit I guess, but I’ll be fine,’ I explained, ‘So about that movie, what horrors have you got?’ I asked igniting the conversation again.

‘Loads! Come have a look!’ Louis said, taking my hand and dragging me across to the TV set. And as him and I crouched down to look at hundreds of movies, all I could think to myself was ‘See mom and dad? London isn’t half bad after all.’

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