Neighbors? Yes please!

A new house in London? Brilliant! One Direction as neighbors? YES PLEASE!


17. Awww...

We had gone to bed at about 10 o’clock, the earliest we had gone to bed this week. When we woke up at 6 in the morning- our flight was at 8- I was awfully tired. Louis woke me up. ‘Kay?’ He whispered. ‘Get up,’ He said.

‘Urrrrr,’ I groaned, turning away and pulling the covers back over my head. He grabbed the blankets and started to pull. ‘Uh uh!’ I cried. I yanked them back and he yanked harder. Eventually, I was sitting up on the bed trying desperately to grab my blanket back.

He then grabbed me by the hips, and threw me over his shoulder. ‘Louis!’ I yelled, flailing around, trying to get free. ‘Put me down!’

‘Nope!’ He said laughing. ‘You are getting up, we have a flight to catch in 2 hours time, so get your lazy bum out of this bed, go get a shower and change, then come downstairs and we can get ready to leave, okay?’ He told me.

‘Yes mom,’ I grumbled.

‘And you will not take that tone with me young missy.’ He teased me.

‘Sorry mom,’ I teased back. ‘I’ll go shower, be back now.’ I said starting to walk away. He kicked my bum as I walked away. ‘Lou!’ I said, turning around indignantly.

‘Bye!’ He yelled over his shoulder as he ran downstairs. I got into the shower and washed my hair. I shaved my legs, just to make sure they were smooth, and then got out. I toweled myself dry and then went into the bedroom, towel wrapped under my armpits, to dry my hair. I blow-dried my hair and straightened out my fringe , put on makeup and changed into jeans and a long sleeved shirt, tossing a hoodie over the outfit.

I walked downstairs and into the living room where they were all sitting. ‘Morning,’ I said with a smile.

‘Morning grumpy!’ Harry said with a chuckle.

‘Hey, It’s not my fault that I’m not a morning person!’ I laughed.

‘No kidding,’ Zayn said, ‘It was like the devil waking up this morning!’

‘Hey!’ Louis said with a wink, ‘She’s my devil.’

‘Oh shut it,’ I said around a yawn. He came over to me and kissed me on the cheek.

‘Morning beautiful,’ He whispered in my ear.

‘Morning handsome,’ I said turning towards him and putting my arms around his neck.

‘Come talk to me quickly,’ Lou said, taking my hand and leading me into the entrance hall and out of earshot of the others. ‘So,’ He said blushing. ‘We’re going on holiday and stuff together now and I really, really, really like you. So I was just um… well I was wondering if… Doyowangoouwidma?’ He said really quickly, in one unintelligible syllable.

‘Lou, slow that down a bit, I don’t speak Russian.’ I laughed.

‘I meant, would you like to be my girlfriend?’ He asked. ‘Look,’ He said quickly before I could answer. ‘I know it’s fast and I’ve only know you for a little bit,  but I feel like I’ve waited my entire life to find you, and you’re perfect and beautiful and I’m scared I lose you.’ He said really fast. ‘an-‘

I cut him off with a hug. ‘Shut up Lou,’ I said. ‘Of course I’ll go out with you stupid. Took you long enough to ask! Now come on, you boys better grab your luggage, we have a plane to catch!’ I said excitedly. ‘Oh,’ I said, ‘Tell the boys about us, will you?’ I asked. ‘I’ll take Sav, okay?’

‘Okay,’ He said grinning. ‘See you just now,’ He said giving me a hug.

‘SAV!’  I yelled.

‘COMING!’ she yelled back.

‘We’re dating!’ I squealed. ‘He asked me out!’ we had a couple minutes of jumping up and down, and then we went to go and grab our luggage. We came downstairs to find the boys all waiting by the door with their suitcases.

‘Okay babe,’ Louis said to me. ‘Let’s go.’ We walked out of the door and hailed a taxi. Louis and I got in our own one (at Louis’ request) and the rest divided themselves up. Louis and I got into the taxi, both of us sitting in the back, and Louis said to the cab driver, ‘Airport please,’

We sat in the back, talking and holding hands the whole way. When we go to the airport, we checked our flights, checked in our luggage and boarded early, before crazed fans could recognize the boys. We got into the plane and sorted out our seats. I sat next to Louis and Harry, Zayn and Liam took a 3 seater, while Niall and Sav took another 2 seater. ‘Ireland here we come,’ said Lou as the plane took off, ‘And lucky for me, I’m going with the most beautiful girl in the world.’

I blushed and looked down. Boy, were my family going to love him!

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