Neighbors? Yes please!

A new house in London? Brilliant! One Direction as neighbors? YES PLEASE!


5. And then there were two...

Okay. Wow. I just watched, what must be, the scariest movie ever with one direction and Sav. It was called Mama, and I am ashamed to say I spent most of the movie screaming and clutching Louis’ hand. To be fair he screamed a bit too though.

After the movie I stood up and stretched, surveying the popcorn covered scene (the whole bowl had gone flying during a particularly scary part, when Niall threw it in the air.) ‘Oh my word!’ I said looking around, ‘this is gonna take ages to clean up!’

‘Don’t worry about it,’ Louis said smiling, ‘We can do it later. Have you guys unpacked everything and properly settled in yet?’

‘Ugh,’ I groaned, ‘Not even close! We have so much stuff to do! We should probably get going…’

‘Hey we can come help!’ Said Harry with a huge grin, ‘You guys seem great and I’m sure we,’ He looked pointedly at Louis and Niall in particular, ‘would love to spend more time with you.’ He winked at me.

‘Only if you guys want to help, because if you don’t I’m sure we’ll manage,’ I said.

‘No we want to come and help!’ Said Zayn, ‘I want to see your house!’

‘I am so glad you said that Zayn,’ I said laughing, ‘because there is no way me and Sav are going to be able to move all of those boxes! Oh and I just remembered I have to go to the shops and get some food! How about you guys go over there and try and start unpacking and I’ll help when I get back?’ I asked smiling.

‘Okay you are not going there on your own! You’re gonna buy all the wrong food and Niall won’t ever speak to you again!’ Liam teased. ‘And Niall will not miss out on food shopping, Savana doesn’t seem to want to let Niall go, Zayn needs to fill up his car so we are going to have to go in his car, and she won’t let anyone else drive it!’ He laughed, ‘Harry won’t miss a trip in Zayn’s car because we hardly ever drive it, and Louis just loves to embarrass us in public. And of course I have to be the mature one, so I have to go keep everyone in place. So I guess we ALL have to go to the shops!’ Liam said grinning.

‘That sounds great Liam, but we really do have a lot of stuff to unpack, so I’m going to have to give this one a miss and start with the small stuff, and then you guys can help with the bigger stuff when you get back?’ I asked smiling. Truthfully, if I was going to go to the shops I would probably burst into tears. Being surrounded by all of those unfamiliar foodstuffs would be a bit overwhelming.

‘There is no way in hell I am going to let you stay in a new, empty house alone! I’ll skip the shopping trip and stay with you. If that’s okay that is?’ teased Louis raising an eyebrow and smiling at me.

‘I guess I could deal with you for a little bit…’ I joked, ‘But only on one condition, you bring Kevin!’ I laughed.

‘A match made in heaven,’ Harry whispered to Zayn thinking nobody else heard. Savana looked up from her conversation with Niall and winked at me.

‘Let me just go get him!’ Said Louis laughing and running upstairs.

15 minutes later

I fumbled for my keys in my purse, and when I finally got them I dropped them. Great Kayleigh. Really smooth. The first chance you get to spend time alone with Louis and you drop something. ‘Sorry I’m kind of clumsy…’ I said blushing bright red and bending down to pick up the keys.

‘I noticed that when I looked out the window and saw you and Sav sprawled out on the grass laughing your heads off…’ He said winking at me.

‘Wha- you sa- what?! You saw that?!’ I spluttered.

‘You were laughing so loudly I think the whole country heard you, so I looked out the window and there you 2 were! But I don’t know why you ran away when we came outside,’ He said laughing at my embarrassment.

‘We looked horrible! We had all of this old makeup down our faces and mud and grass stains everywhere!’ I said blushing bright red once again. I was so embarrassed!

‘Don’t worry about it; you would be pretty no matter how you were dressed and with or without makeup on.’ He said blushing.

‘Smooth Louis,’ I said teasing him and trying to make him feel less awkward. ‘Quite a talker!’ I said winking at him. ‘Anyway it’s freezing out here, let’s get inside!’ I said opening the door. As we walked in, I thanked the heavens that I had had the good foresight to light the fire before we left, meaning that the house was nice and toasty. ‘Aah,’ I said looking at all of the unpacked boxes, ‘Home sweet home…’ I said sarcastically.

‘Don’t worry Hun, we’ll get it sorted out in no time,’ He said smiling. ‘I think first of all we should start with the photos, because letting the boys near photo frames always ends with broken glass.’ He said seriously.

‘Okay, here we go!’ I said, walking around all the boxes.

We finally found all the photos in my room. ’Sorry about the mess…’ I said blushing once again. Get a grip Kayleigh!

‘It’s okay, I understand. You should see Niall’s room sometimes.’ He said laughing. We started unpack the photos and I found a picture of me and my friends. Ouch. I felt like a knife had just gone through my heart. Suddenly, my eyes were filled with tears. Louis looked over at me, ‘Hey,’ He said, ‘Don’t cry,’ He said hugging me, ‘I know it hurts and I know you miss them, but we’ll get through this together okay?’ He said looking me in the eyes.

‘Thanks Louis,’ I said sniffing, ‘I guess I’m a little overwhelmed. It’s not every day you move to London and meet the biggest boy band in the world.’ I said smiling.

‘Yeah,’ He said with a chuckle, ‘Come on, let’s take a break,’ He said giving me another hug. ‘Maybe another movie is in order yeah?’

‘Wow,’ I thought to myself, ‘I could really get used to this.’

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