Neighbors? Yes please!

A new house in London? Brilliant! One Direction as neighbors? YES PLEASE!


21. And Now?

I woke up to darkness and Lou shaking me. ‘Time to get up Honey,’ He said. Then he laughed and started singing. ‘It’s time to get up in the morning,’

‘I’m sorry,’ I said sleepily, ‘I didn’t mean to fall asleep, I really didn’t!’ I explained blushing. I sat up, noticing that Lou’s jacket was thrown over my shoulders. ‘Aren’t you cold?’ I asked, throwing his jacket back at him.

‘Now that you mention it, yes. But you were shivering, and I couldn’t let you be cold babe.’ He said sweetly.

‘Well put it back on, I don’t want you catching pneumonia!’ I said laughing. ‘It’s freezing!’

‘Don’t worry about me, I’m big and tough!’ He said in a baby voice.

‘Yes my boo bear, of course you are.’ I said winking at him. ‘Come on, let’s go, it’s cold out here!’

‘Okay, let’s go.’ As we got up to leave I gasped. ‘What’s up?’ Louis asked concerned.

‘Look at the moon!’ I said breathlessly. ‘It’s beautiful!’ I gasped. It was full and bright. It shone down on the forest, in which I knew a river was hidden, where green lush grass grew wild and wild horses galloped by day. Which reminded me. I hadn’t yet gone to see my horse. He was pitch black, His name was Midnight’s rider, and still a stallion. He was the wildest out of the lot, and yet we had a special connection, I had backed him myself when I was 13, and every time I came here, I rode him.

‘Kayleigh?’ Louis said, pulling me out of my dream land.

‘Oh sorry, I was just thinking about something. Can you ride?’ I asked excitedly. ‘As in ride horses, I mean.’

‘Yeah,’ He said unsurely. ‘Why do you ask?’ He asked.

‘Well, I have a stallion here that I backed myself, and I haven’t seen him yet. So I was wondering if you wanted to come ride with me? There is a very sweet mare that I could put you on, I also backed her, she is very good. Older and less jumpy.’ I told him eagerly.

‘Let’s go!’ He said excitedly. ‘Where are they?’

‘You would ride with me? Right now?’ I asked excitedly.

‘Yes!’ He said. ‘Where is the stuff?’

‘On the way, I’ll drive. I’ll give you a saddle to put on her, and a bridle.’ I said.

‘Aren’t you riding with a saddle?’ He asked. I shook my head. ‘Badass.’ He said smiling. I smiled back. ‘Let’s go!’ He yelled, swinging himself into the passenger seat.

We drove down dirt road after dirt road until we found a shed. ‘In here,’ I said as I walked in turning on the light. ‘Right,’ I said throwing a saddle and a bridle at him. ‘Throw these in the back, and we’ll go.’ I grabbed my own bridle and followed him into the cart.

When we finally got near the field where I knew my boy always was, I stopped the cart and turned off the engine. ‘What are we doing?’ Louis asked loudly. I put a finger to my lips and got out of the golf cart. Motioning to him with my hands to follow me, I made my way through the trees.  We got to a clearing, and there he was. 18 hands high, grazing. He lifted his head and looked at me. ‘Woah,’ Louis whispered.

All of a sudden he charged towards us at full speed. ‘Don’t run!’ I whispered to Louis. ‘Wait here,’ as he slowed down, I walked slowly towards him, hand out. ‘Shhhhh baby,’ I said to him. ‘It’s okay, it’s me.’ He walked towards me slowly. When he was about a meter away, I stopped. He came up to me and butted my hand with his head. I threw my head back and laughed, running up and hugging him. ‘My boy!’ I whispered into his neck. ‘I missed you.’

‘Kay?’ Louis said uncertainly.

‘Come here Lou,’ I said to him. He came to me and patted Midnight uncertainly. ‘He won’t do anything.’ I reassured him. The rest of the herd had made its way towards us. ‘This,’ I said patting a horse that had just come up to us. ‘Is Summer’s Melody.’ She went up to Lou and sniffed him. ‘She likes you!’ I said. I grabbed the saddle from the grass where Louis had thrown it and threw it over her back. I Put her bridle on, and then did Midnight’s.

‘Get on!’  I said to him, leading midnight to a rock and jumping up onto his back. ‘Come on then!’ I yelled to Louis as he hopped onto Summer’s back. ‘Race you to the end on the field!’ I said kicking Midnight. He reared up, and took off at a gallop to the end of the field. I beat Louis with a couple of minutes to spare. We did this over and over again until I looked at the time.

‘It’s midnight!’ I said to Lou. ‘Let’s get home.’

We got home at half past 12. As we were about to open the door, Niall stormed out. I looked at Lou, confused. He shrugged and ran after him. I walked in to find Sav, Liam and Harry walking towards Zayn looking murderous. Uh oh, what happened now?

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