Only Time Will Tell

Liam Payne: The words you think of when you hear this name? Perfection? Incredably attractive? Talented?

I think of the perfect boy from Wolverhampton. The one who was always polite and doing things for others. The real Liam Payne not some made up person you want him to be.

We had been best friends for years. I pushed him to try out for x factor because I knew he was that good. Even though he promised he would never forget me he did.

Its been three years later and I am now living in London trying to move on with my life. To get over the fact that my first love left me all for the fame and fortune.

Fate seems to have different plans than I do when I keep running into him everywhere I go. It seems like fate is playing a cruel trick on me. The thing is he has no idea that I am the girl he left behind three years ago. Will I get revenge on him or maybe let myself fall a second time?


1. Sneak Peek

(Sneak Peek)


"Liam do you promise we will always be together?" My ten year old self ask my best friend.

"Of course Josie! Where ever I go you go! Thats just the way it works out! We will live in a big house and be best friends forever Jos! I swear!" He says to me. His big brown eyes wide.

"Okay good Li-Li. I wanna be best friends forever and ever. Pinky promise?" I ask him childishly.

"Pinky promise Josie." He says holding his pink out to me. He then pulls me into a hug.

-flashback over-

That was nine years ago. I am currently 19 and no longer have Liam by my side. He did the one thing he promised he would never do. And that is forget all about me. I haven't seen or spoken to him since he got put into the band One Direction. And that was three years ago. Fate has a funny way of working and I swear it hates me. Because I have been in love with my best friend since I was ten years old. 



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