Only Time Will Tell

Liam Payne: The words you think of when you hear this name? Perfection? Incredably attractive? Talented?

I think of the perfect boy from Wolverhampton. The one who was always polite and doing things for others. The real Liam Payne not some made up person you want him to be.

We had been best friends for years. I pushed him to try out for x factor because I knew he was that good. Even though he promised he would never forget me he did.

Its been three years later and I am now living in London trying to move on with my life. To get over the fact that my first love left me all for the fame and fortune.

Fate seems to have different plans than I do when I keep running into him everywhere I go. It seems like fate is playing a cruel trick on me. The thing is he has no idea that I am the girl he left behind three years ago. Will I get revenge on him or maybe let myself fall a second time?


2. Looks like he's seen a ghost

-Liam's Point Of Veiw -


I was just going out to get some breakfast for the lads and girls. I am so glad to have Brooke back in my life. I have been searching for her forever.  And I am so thankful to have her back in my life. I got so caught up in my thoughts I literally bump into this girl. 


"Oh my gosh I am so sorry love! I didn't spill your drink on you did I?!" I say fretting. Something about her looks so familiar but I can't put my finger on it. She kinda looks it can't be her though. She died in a car accident.


"Yeeee I am fine. Don't worry about it." She says blowing off what just happened. 


"Well whats your name love? I am Liam." I say looking at her. She is so beautiful. And I notice she has a Liam necklace on. She must be a fan. Liam DO NOT MAKE A FOOL OUT OF YOURSELF. 


"Its uhm Sophia. Yeah my name is Sophia." She says uncertainly. Like she doesn't even know her own name. Eh. Some people are just shy I guess.


"Nice to meet you Sophia. So I was wondering if I could get your number. I would really like to be friends." I tell her. Or more. No Liam! You and Dani just broke up. You shouldn't be falling for someone you hardly know. (A/N: I AM A BIG BIG BIG BIG PAYZER SHIPPER IT JUST MAKES MY STORY EASIER AND LIAMS STORY WITH THIS GIRL WILL BE IN A DIFF BOOK I JUST WANTED TO INTRODUCE HER CHARACTER)


"Uhm sure. Its _________." She tells me nervously as I put it in my phone. 

 "Thanks love. I would love to stay and chat but I should really get this food back to my friends. I will text you later yeah?" I say looking at her. She looks relieved. Stop it Liam. She probably just has things to do. 

"Yeah I will be looking forward to it." She says with a smile.

 "Bye Sophia." I say as I make my way to the door.

-"Sophia's" point of veiw-

What just happened. I saw the look of recollection in his eyes but also masked by doubt. When he asked what my name was my mind froze and rather than just be like yeah Liam it Josie you know the girl you forgot about, instead I said it was Sophia. I am just making a bigger mess than needed to be. He's gonna be so pissed if he finds out who I am. But I miss him and I needed him and his touch and the way he was always there. He was a huge part of my life that I miss and need more than anything. He was my drug. Having him with me for most of my life made me dependent on him. But when he left I learned how to be independent and that I didn't always need him with me to be happy.

I was walking back to my flat that I own by myself I couldn't help but think that this was the same Liam that left three years. I decided instead of going to my flat I would stop by and surprise my dad. He works to much these days. Ever since mum died when I was ten he is always working and trying to make ends meet. I don't know why he thinks that we are always out of money. When in reality we have more than enough money. He works for the rich and famous people. He's the guy that if you need to find someone you go to him. He's worked with a bunch of celebrities and high society people.

"Daddy are you in here?" I say when I get to his work place.
"Josie darling!" Daddy says as soon as he spots me. "What are you doing here?" He says coming to hug me.

"I just missed you is all! Today is crazy! You will never guess who I ran into!" I squeal coming out from the hug.

"Who darling girl did you run into?" He asks me going to sit down.
"Oh hum Liam. Liam Payne. You do remember him right Daddy?" I ask going to sit in a chair facing his desk. 

"Of course I do hunny. Did he recognize you?" He asks panic all over his face. Hmmmm thats weird.
"No. He asked me what my name is. My brain froze so I said Sophia! He will be so mad when he finds out I lied to him!" I say slightly panicking again.

"Well are you planning on meeting up with him again darling?" He asks me all concerned. Thats weird. He used to LOVE Liam. He was literally like the son he never had.

"I don't know Daddy I mean---." I was cut off by the door opening and in walks this stunning girl with Niall Horan.

"Oh! I am sooooo sorry! Are you closed?! I was just stopping by to give you the rest of the money that I owe you for your services." The girl says slipping off her sunglasses. She looks so familiar. I just don't know where I have seen her before.

"No no no. Not at all Miss Thatcher!" Daddy says in a hurried manner.

"Hello! I am Brooke! Are you his daugher?!" She asks excited and smiling.

"Yeah I am his daughter Josie. Well Jocelyn but no one calls me that." I say laughing.
Niall notices me and his widen and he looks like he's seen a ghost. Hmmmm weird. Why is everyone acting so weird today.

"Nice to meet you Josie! We really are in a hurry. My brother wants to have a movie and is planning on asking this girl he met to come over. It should be fun." She says smiling handing a check to Daddy. "Everything should be right! If theres any problems don't hesistate to call." She says flashing a smile and pulling Niall out the door whom may I add still looks like he's seen a ghost. 

"That was weird. But like I was saying I mean I would love to find out why he just stopped calling and texting. Yes I may have moved on but I need closure. You just don't get it Daddy! I am still in love with him!" I shriek and flew out the door.

I just run until I can't run anymore. I find myself at a park. Maybe I was in denial. I still had not moved on. And the harder I tried to make myself believe that the harder I fell. I watch his clips with him and the boys and he still seems like the same Liam as before.

I hear my phone go off and notice I have a text.
Leyuuuuuuum: Hey Sophia! It's Liam aha! I wasn't sure if you remembered. But listen I am having a movie night with some friends and my sister and we were wondering if you wanted to come over and chill if you weren't busy.
Me: Liam hey! Whats your sisters name by chance.

While I was waiting for him to text back I start having a panic attack. What if its that girl that came into Daddy's work? I will be so screwed!

*ping* I hear my phone go off. Oh god I swear I am gonna pass out.

Leyuuuuuuuum: Its Brooke, why?
Me: Uhm sure I will come just text me directions to your place.
Leyuuuuuuuum: Sure _________________ can't wait to see you!

And now I am having a full on panic attack. Why did I do THAT! Why didn't I just say I was busy. I am so screwed.





love you all


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