Put Your Hearts Up (A Zariana FanFic)

Ariana Grande has to tour with the one and only 1D
Zayn falls in love with Ari...does she fall in love to?
Does Ari know?
Well I don't know...wait I do I'm writing this story...Oh Well!


4. SoundCheck

Ari-Bears POV

Today we have sound check

im going to sing The Way

My song

So i got ready in the clothes below

I was like

"Eh why not wear for the boys?"

I went into the bathroom

and change

i put my and i STYLED my hair

Like the picture above

And walked out of the bathroom 

to find the boys talking

"Heya guys!"i said very cherry

"Heya Ari-Bear!"They all said mocking me

"Since when am i a bear?"I asked

"Since now!"Louis said

"I like your outfit!"Harry said

"Gracias!"I said speaking spanish

"Huh?"They all said expect Liam

"LETS GO TO SOUND CHECK!!!"I said very loudly

and i ran to the car

and settled in

They all finally got to the car

"SLOWPOKES!!"i yelled

"Did you have candy?"Niall asked

"Maybe..."i said

-At sound check-

"Ok Ari go try it out!!"Faith said

I walked up to the mic

"Start my music"

"I love the way you make me fell i love it i love it.......

The way i love you!"

i ended the song

"WOOHOOOOOOOO ARI-BEAR!!!"the boys yelled

Expect for....Zayn

he had a sad face

i wonder why


Zayns POV

"You guys wanna see the music video for this song?"Faith asked

"Yes!!!"we all said

expect Louis

"Whats wrong Lou?"I asked

"I already seen the video!"He said

"You like Ari right?"He asked


"I advise you to not watch the video"

"Welll now i want to see it even more!

"oh boy"

so i saw the video

but the surpirsing part at the end...

The Kiss

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