Put Your Hearts Up (A Zariana FanFic)

Ariana Grande has to tour with the one and only 1D
Zayn falls in love with Ari...does she fall in love to?
Does Ari know?
Well I don't know...wait I do I'm writing this story...Oh Well!


2. Plane

Zayns POV

She is so beautiful

The boyys already know i like


they made plane arraignments

of who sits next to who

Haz And Louis

 Niall And Liam

Me And Ari

so yeah



"So what are the plane arraignments?"i asked

"Harry and Louis,Niall and Liam,And Me and you!"Zayn said

"Oh ok thanks for telling me"i said nicely

(In Plane)

"Soooo Ari wanna play 21 Questions?"Asked Zayn


"Are you single?"


"Who is your fav from the band?"

"Umm....YOU!"i said

"Ok im done!"he said

"The game is called 21 Questions not 2 questions!"i said

"IM TIRED!!!!"He yelled

"Then sleep!"i said back 

haha this dude is to funny,cute,adorable,wait im not falling again right?

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