He's my WHAT?!?!?!?!?!

Imagine you growing up in England. You knew you were adopted but you never knew who your biological family was. You hire a private investigator to find out for you and you couldn't possibly imagine who your family turned out to be. Not only is it impossible to get in contact with this person (Who turns out not to be only your brother but your twin brother at that) and honestly who would believe you. Oh and did I mention he is in the worlds biggest boy band. Yeah its Liam Payne and who knew one meeting could change your life forever as you know it.





I was just going out to get some breakfast for the lads and girls. I am so glad to have Brooke back in my life. I have been searching for her forever.  And I am so thankful to have her back in my life. I got so caught up in my thoughts I literally bump into this girl. 


"Oh my gosh I am so sorry love! I didn't spill your drink on you did I?!" I say fretting. Something about her looks so familiar but I can't put my finger on it. She kinda looks like....no it can't be her though. She died in a car accident.


"Yeeee I am fine. Don't worry about it." She says blowing off what just happened. 


"Well whats your name love? I am Liam." I say looking at her. She is so beautiful. And I notice she has a Liam necklace on. She must be a fan. Liam DO NOT MAKE A FOOL OUT OF YOURSELF. 


"Its uhm Sophia. Yeah my name is Sophia." She says uncertainly. Like she doesn't even know her own name. Eh. Some people are just shy I guess.


"Nice to meet you Sophia. So I was wondering if I could get your number. I would really like to be friends." I tell her. Or more. No Liam! You and Dani just broke up. You shouldn't be falling for someone you hardly know. (A/N: I AM A BIG BIG BIG BIG PAYZER SHIPPER IT JUST MAKES MY STORY EASIER AND LIAMS STORY WITH THIS GIRL WILL BE IN A DIFF BOOK I JUST WANTED TO INTRODUCE HER CHARACTER)


"Uhm sure. Its _________." She tells me nervously as I put it in my phone. 


"Thanks love. I would love to stay and chat but I should really get this food back to my friends. I will text you later yeah?" I say looking at her. She looks relieved. Stop it Liam. She probably just has things to do. 


"Yeah I will be looking forward to it." She says with a smile.


"Bye Sophia." I say as I make my way to the door.


I walk back to the flat with a spring in my step. I haven't felt happy since Dani and I broke up. Well I obviously felt happy when I met Brooke but thats a different thing. Dani and I broke up the day that Brooke and I hung out. She just said things were getting too much for her. Especially with the fans sending her hate for being with me. I act like I am fine but I really wasn't.


"Hey guys!" I say when I get back and find them in the living room.


"Hey big bro." Brooke says looking up from her conversation with Niall. Those two would be perfect together. I would honestly have no problem with them dating if they wanted to.


"Hey Brookie. I got you guys breakfast!" I say holding up the bags of food. I got a lot knowing Brooke and Niall would eat a lot. 


"YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY. Food! And whats up with the smile?" She says smirking. ABORT ABORT ROOM. SHE KNOWS! 


"Yeah did you meet a girl? A very pretty pretty girl?" Lily says looking at me with a michevious look in her eyes. 


"NO! NO I DIDN'T." I say with wide eyes. I jump on her and put my hands over her mouth.


She kicks me in the balls and as I am leaning over in pain,  I hear her sing/scream, "STOP DON'T TOUCH ME THERE THAT IS MY NO NO SQUARE. R-A-P-E GET YOUR THINGY OUTTA ME." And then she sits back down like nothing happened and starts talking to Harry. 


"The freak you do that for that fucking hurt." I say without realizing what  what I just said and everyone looks at me with wide eyes. 


"What guys seriously? I can have a moment. My balls freaking hurt! You would be cussing to. Gosh!" I say huffy.


-Brooke's Point Of Veiw- 


He has so met a girl. Look at his face. No need to lie. Its a good thing he has met someone new. He hasn't been the same since him and Dani broke up. They were together for like three years or something like that.


"You okay Brooke? You look like your a million miles away." Niall asks me looking at me with concern. 


"Yeah I am fine just thinking. You know?" I say smiling at him. I am falling hard for him. But this isn't gonna be like girl meets boy, fall in love, goes out, has sex, bam preggo, the end. Hell no. I am not like that. It takes a lot to get me to trust you.


"Oh well don't think too hard love." He tells me in that amazing Irish accent of his.  God it makes me melt.


"Hey guys! We should have a toy story movie night!" Liam says all excitedly.


"YES!" I yell whereas everyone else shouts "NO". Fine then. We are still gonna watch it. Yup. Gonna happen bitches. 


"But what should we do for the rest of the day Leyuuuuuuum?" I say whining. Its only like 1 pm. I have yet to forgive Louis for yesterday. We were so clooooooose to kissing and Louis's all like nope not gonna happen. I shall interrupt them. Bahahahaha. Stupid ass. Just kidding I love him really as a goofy older brother type.


"I don't know! Lets think of something." Liam says still upset from earlier I guess.


"So Liam whats her name?" I say smirking.


"Its Sophia. Okay? Yes I did meet a girl. A very pretty pretty girl." He replies quoting Lily from earlier.


"Awe I love that name. Did you get her number?!" I ask him. I will kill him if he didn't. 


"Why yes I did nosey." He says poking his nose out at me. Oh yay Niall's back. And Zayn is missing again. No one ever knows where he goes. Probably to see Perrie thats my guess. Aha.


"I am so tireeeeeeeed Niaaaaaaall." I say pouting.


"Lay down." He says pulling me into a hug. The type where I am basically straddling his with my head on his shoulder.


"Whyyyyy?" I ask him yawning.


"Because I am going to sing you a song to help you sleep babes." He says in that wonderful accent of his. He starts singing Wake Me Up by Ed Sheeran. Thats one of the most beautiful love songs written. I can feel my eyes slowly starting to close. And I am off too sleep soon.




Its soooooooo obvious he likes her, and she likes him as well.


"Niall stop being a creeper and staring at her." I tell him smirking.


"I am not staring at her! I am uhm yeah." He says lamely.


"Mkay. Whatever you saaaaaaaay Niall." I say laughing.


"Lily leave the poor lad alone. Look at his face. Its so red!" Harry says laughing that wonderful laugh of his. Gawd I just wanna lick his dimples. Whut? Is that too weird.


"Whut did you say Lils?" Harry says looking at me confused.


"I didn't say a damn thing Harry! Are you feeling all right?" I say acting confused. Note to self: Must not talk out loud. 


"Yeeah I guesssss I am jusssst heaaaaaring thiiiiings." He says in that slow voice of his. Okay so lets not talk about all the things I would do to him.


New freaking topic. Brooke! I love that girl I really do but she's changed so much in just four short weeks. She's not the same girl. I know her parents just died but I am quite sure they wouldn't want her to be sad all the time. She smiles and acts like everything is okay when on the inside she's breaking. Not to mention her and Niall would make a totally adorbs couple. She just doesn't wanna rush. Which I can totally understand. She had this boyfriend named Aiden for like three years and they were quite serious. Even engaged at one point. Her parents totally adored him right?And so did I for that matter. He was so polite and nice to everyone. Until one night I was at this party, Brooke couldn't come because she was sick at the time, and I saw him making out (more like dry humping) on the school's slut. Like seriously? Thats like throwing out gold for fake gold. Brooke is so much better than her. So yeah I told Brooke because I felt she had the right to know rather than finding out later what type a guy he was. She automatically broke up with him but hasn't had a serious boyfriend since then. It broke my heart seeing her like that. She is just getting back to normal too. Thank god! She would never admit this though.




Lily is so perfect. I am tired of people thinking I am some womanzier when I am most definitely not one. At all. I was taught to respect women. All I really want is a perfect realtionship. One where I can go to that person and know I am doing something right when I feel like I'm not. I haven't known Lily long but I hope she's that person. The one I can come home too after a long day at work. The one who I would do anything to put a smile on her face. She's worth it. Worth more than any amount of money. 


-Louis's Point Of Veiw-


Yeah so can I just say Lily is fucking perfect. I know I shouldn't like her when I know Harry does. I just can't help it. She's so funny with an amazing body and personality. I just got a letter from Lydia today. Whenever I think of Lydia I feel so guilty. What I did to her two years ago was wrong. She either seemed to forget it happened or forgave me. If I was her I wouldn't have. Don't get me wrong that night was amazing. It was a mistake though, she has (Or should I say had?) Nick and we shouldn't have slept together. I would like to say I blame the alcohol in our systems but I wasn't really that drunk. She was though. What I did by leaving her before she even woke up was wrong of me. I didn't want her to hate me though. The good news is she and Adam (her son) are coming to live with me and the lads. Maybe this will give me a chance to make it up to her. I would love to have more with her but she would never choose me. If Lily is perfect then Lydia is a fucking Goddess in human form.


-Zayn's Point of Veiw (DUN DUN DUN)


Yeah the guys don't know where I always go off too. Perrie and I broke up it was a mutual descion but I miss her so much. She's so perfect.  And I love her soo much. So I come to this lake to just sit here and think.


-Brooke's Point of Veiw (again)-


I woke up feeling groggy. I look at my phone and notice I have a text from an unknown number. I move carefully since Niall fell asleep as well.


Unknown Number: Hey Brooke! How have you been? xxx

Me: Uhm may I ask who this is? xoxo Brooke

Unknown: Wow really Brooke? Forgot all about me I see? Hmmm lets see we were in a relationship for about three years. Ring any bells? xxx

Me: Aiden why are you texting me? Your the one who screwed up. You shouldn't have basically fucked the school slut. K? So why text me now? I don't need your drama. -Brooke

Unknown: I know Brookie I know. I messed up so badly. I shouldn't have done that to you. I miss you okay? Please can we go out to dinner or something. I realized I can't live without you. xxx

Me: I don't know Aiden. You messed up pretty badly. You can't just think dinner and an apology will fix this. YOU threw a three year relationship down the drain. We were gonna be married. We had a future together. Let me think about it. K? -Brooke

Unknown: Of course Brooke take all the time you need okay? I will still be here. xxx


I get up slowly as not wake up Niall. I go to the kitchen and just stand there. Why must the one time I get happy someone comes along to ruin it? Why can't I be happy for once in my damn life.


I just start balling. Right then and there. I feel someone wrap there arms around. I can tell its Lily just by her smell. I turn around and just start crying in her arms. She just rubs my back and hair.


"Babe whats wrong?!" She asks in alarm.


"A-a-a-iden texted me." I say through my sobs.


"Oh babygirl. What did he want?" She says as she continues to sooth me.


"H-e-e-e-e wants to go get din-n-n-ner sometime." I say still crying. I don't even know why I am crying at the moment.


"Whale you can text him right now telling him no or I will." She says wiping my tears.


All I do is hand her my cell phone. 


Here's what she said incase your curious:

Aiden: Listen. This is Lily and she wants nothing to do with ou. YOU screwed up NOT her so stop texting her and move on!k? oh and I am blocking your number. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox LILY


cliffhanger (;






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