He's my WHAT?!?!?!?!?!

Imagine you growing up in England. You knew you were adopted but you never knew who your biological family was. You hire a private investigator to find out for you and you couldn't possibly imagine who your family turned out to be. Not only is it impossible to get in contact with this person (Who turns out not to be only your brother but your twin brother at that) and honestly who would believe you. Oh and did I mention he is in the worlds biggest boy band. Yeah its Liam Payne and who knew one meeting could change your life forever as you know it.


4. OW it feels like I just had Liam's 10 inch

I wake up quite early. Since I still wasn't feeling well. I decided to go make the boys some breakfast.


I was happily making bacon for the boys since the pancakes and toast was done. As I was placing the bacon on a plate I hear a noise behind me and I drop the whole plate of bacon.


"Shoot! Well there goes the bacon along with my parents and my pride." I say sighing.


I hear laughter coming from behind me and I turn around and see Liam standing there trying to muffle his laughter.


"Its not funny you tosser! That was good bacon too!" I say scolding him.


"What are you doing up so early?" He asks coming towards me too help me pick up the amazing bacon thats now ruined.


"I couldn't sleep. I woke up with a bad headache." I say shrugging. "The question is what are you doing up so early?" I ask him taking the ruined bacon to the garbage. Is it bad that bacon covered in Nutella sounds good? Eh.


"I noticed you weren't there." He says cutely. God my brother is adorable. It still feels weird to call him my brother.


I hear my phone ping signalling I have a text.


Lilybug: So when can I meet this sexy brother of yours? xoxo Lily

Me: Uhm never call him that again but today I guess if you want. xoxo Brookie

Lilybug: Yay I will be over soon! xoxo Lily


"Hey Liam my best friend is coming over. Is that okay?" I ask him smiling.


"Of course it is! Any friend of yours is welcomed here!" He says giving me a hug. He has no idea what he's in for. She's uhm special.




After breakfast I hear the doorbell ring. Since I made breakfast the boys are going to be cleaning up.


I run to the door and fling it open and leap on Lily. I have missed her okay? Don't judge me.


"LILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY!" I screech in her ear. I take her by the hand and drag her into the kitchen. Let the games begin. May the odds be in your favor boys.


"Lads I would like you too meet my best friend Lily. And Lily I would like you too meet the lads!" I say smirking.


"So the blonde one is Neil right? I know you just wanna pour Nutella on him. I would." She says winking.

 "Uhm I think thats a compliment and its N-I-A-L-L." Poor Niall says. I feel bad for him.

For that I kicked her in her vagina. God that girl.


"Ouch Brookie it feels like Liam's ten inch just went in there. Be careful. God." She says dramatically. I wish I could capture the look on Liam's face when she said that to him.


"Uhm I beg your pardon." Liam asks her with a shocked look on his face.


"Did you bring Woody with you today Liam?" She asking smirking.


"Lily..." I say warningly.


"His dark knight can rise around me anytime." She says winking at Liam.


And that is how I died ladies and gents. Just kidding but I did start laughing so hard I forgot to breathe and yeah it wasn't a pretty site let me tell you.


"LILY! You can't just say things like that too people. Especially my fucking brother you slag!" I scold her when I can catch my breath.


"I bet sex with Liam is paynefull. Geddit because his last name is Payne?" She says laughing.


"You naughty girl." I say smacking her. "That happens to be my last name too." I say snorting. I look around and see the other boys are practically dying. I tried warning them that she was a character.


"But no really I am the lovely Lily." She says laughing.

 "Lovely is something I would hardly use to describe you. Maybe Lunatic Lily." I say smirking.

"Oh Brookie you do wound me so." She says putting her hand over heart.

"That was the point crazy." I say laughing.

"Yes you are. Lovely that is." Harry says causing her to blush. In all the years I have known her Lily never blushes.

 "Stop being a flirt Harry." I say. I know exactly what kind of guy Harry is. The kind who likes flirting but never taking anything seriously. He's all about fun and having a good time. I used to be like that but now I am not.

"I am not flirting just pointing out a fact." He says smirking at me. I wish I could slap that smirk off his face. 

"Whatever. So who wants to go shopping? I am bored and need new clothes." I say twirling my hair looking at Niall.

"LETS GO SHOPPING BITCHES." Louis announces. I swear he's gay sometimes.

We finally make it to the shopping center. I swore we were gonna die what with Louis and his driving skills. I did say that Paul should drive us but nooooooooooo Louis insisted he was THE BEST driver ever. Ha NO!

"Finally we made it one peice." I exclaim dramatically. 

"Oh shuddup." Louis says in an Essex accent. 

"Oh god Louis." I say rubbing head. My headache has yet to go away.

"I am headed to go look at puppies. I think I might get one." I say clapping my hands trying to pretend like nothings wrong.

"Ohhhh can I come with you?" Niall says a little bit too excited.

"Of course! See you all at the food court?" I say grabbing Niall's arm and dragging him to the dog store.

"EEEE they are all so cute! I don't know which one I want." I say pouting.

"How about this one?" He asks me pointing to the cutest little yorkie puppy.

"YES!" I yell. I get a few looks from the people in the store. Eh.

We pay for her and I decide to name her Charming. Because she just looks so charming and dainty. I can already tell she's gonna be spoiled rotten.


Niall and I decide to go get some smoothies. Its nice to have alone time with him. I mean I haven't known him for long but all the things I have read about him make him sound like a lovely person. So maybe thats why I have a crush on him.

"So whats it like being famous?" I ask him once we sit down. I put Charming down next to us.

"Its nice don't get me wrong. Being able to play for thousands of people. And our fans are the best in the world. Always supporting us and being there for us. But I do miss being able to just go out in public. Thats why I have always have to wear sunglasses and hats all the time whenever we go out. It gets tiring sometimes but I wouldn't change what we do for the world." He says smiling at me.

"I would love to play in front of thousands millions even. I just don't think I could handle the pressure of being what society thinks of perfection. Being told what to eat, who to date, how to look. I just couldn't handle the pressure of it all." I tell him looking down. Only my parents and Lily know about how I love to sing.

"Its not as hard as you think. If you have amazing fans they will love you either way. No matter what types of mistakes you make they will always be there to have your back." Niall says quite serious.

"Yeah I mean I would love to have the X-Factor experience and have it all. I wanna be successful more than anything." I say to him. I get the butterflies in my stomach everytime I talk to him. We both start to lean in and just as our lips were about to touch.......I hear "THERE THEY ARE!!!!" From none other than Louis Tomlinson himself. I could strangle that kid.


special thanks to Sarah for the name of the dog <3



A/N: Sorry guys its so short I just wanted to update. The next one will be longer I promise!




Until next time my darlins<3



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