He's my WHAT?!?!?!?!?!

Imagine you growing up in England. You knew you were adopted but you never knew who your biological family was. You hire a private investigator to find out for you and you couldn't possibly imagine who your family turned out to be. Not only is it impossible to get in contact with this person (Who turns out not to be only your brother but your twin brother at that) and honestly who would believe you. Oh and did I mention he is in the worlds biggest boy band. Yeah its Liam Payne and who knew one meeting could change your life forever as you know it.


6. OMG

Next Day: A/N Hey guys I know this is reallly confusing but Only Time Will Tell and He's My What kinda go hand in hand but not really. so please just enjoy the two stories. So if I don't have a chapter with Josie in it it's because I am keeping her scenes and story in Only Time Will tell. I know its confusing. I love you guys though! Enjoy xxx xNiallsxLuckyxCharmx   Brookes Point of Veiw   Last night was exhausting. Let me tell you. I don't know what is up with me though. My headaches are getting worse. I think I might go to my doctor's today. I will probably take Niall because no offense to the others but I would rather have him with me if its bad news.   I take my phone out and diall the doctors office. After a few rings I hear, "Hello. You have reached Dr. Bradley's office. This is Marcie how may I help you?"   "Hello Marcie! It's Brooklyn Thatcher. Listen I was wondering if I could get an appointement." I say to the peppy receptionist.   "Yes of course. We have an opening at 12. Does that work?" She asks me.   "Of course that should be fine." I say looking at the time. Its 10 now. I should have plenty of time.   "We have you scheduled for then! See you then Brooklyn." She says. You could tell she was smiling through the phone.   "Thanks Marcie! Bye now." I say smiling and going to find Niall. Knowing him he's probably still asleep.   I go upstairs to his room, just as I am about to knock I hear crying coming from his room. I just open the door and what I find breaks my heart. Sitting on the bed is Niall crying with his laptop open.   I go over and look at what he's looking at. I see he's on twitter and some of the things people are saying about him pissed me off. Just things like he doesn't deserve to be in the band and that he's fat an ugly. I know so many people adore him but it doesn't matter how many nice things people say about you that one mean will always break you.   "Oh Niall! Don't listen to them. You are so much better than them." I say coming over to him and holding him close to me.    "I know I shouldn't Brookie but I see that every day. Why was I put in One Direction when all of them hate me?" He asks still clinging too me and crying.   "Thats not true Niall! Girls love you! Don't put yourself down..."I say trailing off.   "Really Brookie?" He says looking up at me.   I didn't say anything. I just kissed him hard on the mouth. Pulling him into me. Next thing I know Niall is on top off me and kissing me back. I running my fingers through his hair. He brings his lips from mine and starts kissing my neck leaving butterfly kisses everywhere. I pull him back up to my lips. And we just kiss and it was heavenly. We both pull away breathing heavily.   "Well tell me how you really feel Brooke." He says cheekily making me blush.   "Whatever Niall." I say huffing.   "No no Brooke. I was actually meaning to ask you if you wanted to go on a date with me tonight." He says looking nervous.     "Of course I will Niall. I would love to go on a date with you. But the reason I came in here was to ask you if you would go to the doctors with me. I don't wanna go by myself." I say nervously.   "Of course Brookie. I am happy you asked me to go with you. I thought you would ask Lily or Liam." He says smiling. "Now get out so I can change." He says smirking. Its just then I realized I basically snogged him when he was in his boxers.    "Oh Uhm yeah. I'll leave you to that." I say blushing and basically running out of the room to the sound of his laughter behind me.   I walk back into the living to see Liam lounging on the couch half asleep. I decide to be succccccccch a goood sister and I snuck behind the and launched (I was in gymnastics when I was younger) and landed right in his lap. The reaction was more than I could have ever wanted. He screamed like a girl.   "God Brooke. Are you trying to give me a heart attack?" He says once his heart re started.   "No I just wanted to give you a big surpise big bro. Love ya baby cakes." I say winking and giving him a kiss on the cheek.   "I love you too weirdo. What are you doing up?" He asks me returning the kiss.    "Oh I am going to the doctors. I haven't been feeling well lately. Oh and uhm Niall may or may not have asked me out on a date." I tell him blushing.   "Awwwwwwe really?! That's so cute Brookiebear." I hear someone yell behind us. And sure enough it was Louis.   "Yes Louis now if you don't mind I have a doctor's appoint to go too." I say getting up and going to stand near Niall. Who is fully dressed may I add. He takes my hand and I get a tingly feeling in my stomach.    -At the doctor's-   "Miss. Thatcher, Dr. Bradley is ready to see you now." Marcie says calling me back.   "You want me to go back with you?" Niall looks at me.   "Yes please if you don't mind it." I reply to him.   We walk back and I see Dr. Bradley standing there. He is a man in his 50's with almost white hair and a fatherly  smile. He beckons us in the room.   "Hello darling." He says giving me a hug. You see Aaron knew my parents and was really good friends with them.   "Hey Aaron. How are you? This is my friend Niall." I say hugging him back.   "Oh you know the same old same old. And nice to meet you Niall. Now why are you here young lady? Not that I don't love seeing you." He says.   "The headaches are back. And I even blacked out last night." I say knowing he would know exactly what I was talking about.   "Now thats not good is it. We will need to do an MRI to be sure but it sounds like all the symptoms before. We knew there was a good chance it could come back." He says writing something down.   "What is he talking about Brooke?" Niall asks me confused.   "He doesn't know Brooke?!" Dr. Bradley asks me looking mortified.   "Well you see Niall. Three years ago. I was sick. Like really sick for a long time. No one knew except me and my parents. I wanted to keep it a secret for as long as I could. And no one to this day except for my doctors and parents knew. Three years ago I was diganosed with having a brain tumor. They removed it successfully but there's always been a 30% chance it could come back. And I have been having these headaches and black outs." I tell him in one breathe.   "Are you serious? Are you okay?" Niall says all worried.   "I don't know. Thats the whole reason we are here silly." I say trying to make light of the situation.   -after the MRI is done-   We head back to the flat with Niall fretting over me. Making sure I am comfortable and all that good stuff. I swear he acts like I am dying. I am perfectly fine.   "Are you sure your fine to go out tonight? If not we can reschedule." He says for the millionth time.   "NIALL! I AM PERFECTLY FINE. I AM NOT DYING. OKAY?! SO STOP ASKING AND ACTING LIKE I AM." I say basically yelling at him.   "I'm sorry Brooke. Its just I really like you. And I am worried now that you told me." He says pulling up to there house.   "I know Niall. I know but I am fine for now. And I really like you too. But you have to stop worrying. What happen will happen okay? Its not in our hands. Its in God's. He knows what he's doing. And please keep this between us until I find out for sure." I say feeling bad that I yelled at him just because he was worrying.   "Of course Brooke. We wouldn't wanna worry anyone yet." He says getting out of the car and coming and opening the door for me. Aweeeeee he's such a gentleman.   We walk in the door and Liam starts asking if everything is okay.   "Liam calm down. Everything is fine. They just think that I caught a bug. I should be fine soon enough." I say lying on the spot. Its so sad how well I can lie.   "Okay good. I was worried about you Brooke." Liam says coming to pull me into a hug. "I can't lose you. I just found you again." He says pulling out of the hug.   "Well stop worrying. You are not gonna lose me silly." I say giggling at how cute he is.    "What time do I need to be ready Niall? And is our date casual or fancy?" I ask him excited to go on our date.   "Be ready by four. And fancy/casual if that makes sense." He says smiling at me showing off his perfect smile.   I might add that I have moved in with the boys. Liam wanted me with him so I agreed and I have my own bedroom here. I decide to call Lily and have her come over and help me get ready.   Me: Hey Lilybug! You will never guess who asked me out!  Lily: who who who who who who who  tell me! Me: NIALL ASKED ME OUT! Lily: OMG DO NOT BE FUCKING JOKING WITH ME RIGHT NOW. I WILL KILL YOU IF YOU ARE. OMGGGGGGGGGGG BROOKIEBEAR I AM COMING OVER RIGHT NOW! K? K! SEE YOU SOON.   And with that she hung up. I think we are her OTP (in case you don't know what that is, it is her one true pairing) not to mention I think she is more excited about this date than I am.   She comes over and helps me get ready. By the time we get done I have to admit I look good. (----------------> refer to the right (or the link))   "Awe you look so pretty Brookie!" Lily gushes to me.   "Thanks Lils. So when are you and Mr. Styles gonna go out." I ask her looking at her winking.   "Oh uhm yeah no. I don't wanna date guys. They are nothing but heartbreak." She says giving me her usual anwser.   "Whatever Lily." I say rolling my eyes at her typical anwser.   "COME ON. Its almost four!" She says squealing and dragging me out of my room and to the living room.   "Wow you look good Brooke." Harry says winking at me.   "Whatever. Where is Niall." I say starting to whine.   "Right behind you dumbass." Lily says snorting.   "Wow Brooke you look gorgeous." Niall says softly to me. And can I add he looks pretty damn good himself.   "Thanks Niall. Ready to go?" I say feeling myself starting to blush.   "Yeah lets go." He says taking my hand.   "USE PROTECTION GUYS." Lily, Harry, and Louis all yell at the same time.   -At The Restraunt- "So I was thinking maybe we could take some cooking lessons." Niall says nervously.   "OMG yes! I love cooking!" I say giggling at how cute he is.   Lets just say cooking will Niall is a messy afair. He got eggs alll in my hair. But the food turned out to be amazayn. (; see what I did there? Okay no?   We were getting ready to leave and he says that the date isn't over yet. I have had an amazing time with him tonight. He's more than I ever wanted in a guy.   He takes us to this park that has a bridge over the lake. And we sit at one of the benches.    "I have had an amazing night so far Niall. Thank you for an amazing date." I say looking at him in the moonlight.   "I am glad. I wanted to ask you something actually." He says looking at me all nervous and red in the face. If it was what I thought it was I would say yes in a heartbeat.   "Well I wanted to know if you would be uhm my uhm girlfriend." He says stuttering.   I didn't anwser him I just pulled him down to me and kissed. Giving way to the feeling of fire in my veins. I swear kissing him was gonna become addicting.   "Did that anwser your question?" I ask him once I pull away from him.   "Yes I think it did." He says pulling me close to him with his arm wrapped around me and his hand in mine.   We just sit there and enjoy each others prescense in the moonlight and taking in this new feeling of being together and I wouldn't change a thing.

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