He's my WHAT?!?!?!?!?!

Imagine you growing up in England. You knew you were adopted but you never knew who your biological family was. You hire a private investigator to find out for you and you couldn't possibly imagine who your family turned out to be. Not only is it impossible to get in contact with this person (Who turns out not to be only your brother but your twin brother at that) and honestly who would believe you. Oh and did I mention he is in the worlds biggest boy band. Yeah its Liam Payne and who knew one meeting could change your life forever as you know it.


3. Maybe I will like Nutella now

I'm not gonna bore you with the details of how meeting Liam was. It's a safe bet to say he was shocked when he found out who I was. I mean he knew he had a twin sister and had been searching for me forever. That made me feel a little better. At least he wanted me.


I am currently sitting at home waiting on Lily to get home. Knowing her she's going clubbing tonight and I really don't wanna be here when she gets back. Lets just say she's  a screamer and she always brings a guy home.


Speaking of Lily she just walked through the door.


"Hey Lily bug. What are your plans for tonight?" I ask waiting for her to get her shoes off. I don't know why she won't let me pay for her things. God knows I don't need all the money my parents left for me. And not to mention she hates her job.


"Oh you know me. Partying and clubbing. Why don't you come out with me tonight?!" She says her face lighting up. It seems like forever since we went out together. But to be honest I just don't feel like being a party girl much right now. My parents death hit me harder than I thought.


"I don't know Lily bug. You know I haven't been in the mood to party much since my mum and dad died." I say just as my phone goes off. I look over and see its Liam.


"Hello!" I say into the phone once I answered it.


"Hey Brooke! I was calling to see if you wanted to hang out tonight! The boys are all going out and Paul is gonna babysit them. Maybe we could just havea movie night and you could stay the night?" He says all excited. How can one say no to Liam Payne.


"Sure Liam! Sounds fun! I really need some sibling time anyways. One question though. Do you have any Nutella?!" I say quite serious. What! Don't judge me you slags. I am like addicted to it.


"Uhm I don't think I do. But I'm pretty sure Niall does in his room. We can just steal it. Haha. I'll pay the leprechaun back for it." He says laughing.


"Won't like Niall kill you for taking his food. And I didn't know you all lived together. " I say laughing.


"I knew you were a Directioner!" He says loudly in my ear.


"Whatever!" I say rolling my eyes. I look up and notice Lily isn't in the room. She must have gone to hers to get ready and give me privacy. God I love that girl. We have been best friends since we were in diapers. I couldn't imagine my life without that slag.


"Anyways Liam I am gonna get off the phone and get ready. Where do you live again?" I ask him.


He tells me and we get off the phone.

I barge into Lily's room. She is of course in her bra and panties. Nothing I haven't seen before. And not like that you nasties.


"Hey sorry about that." I say apologizing for leaving her hanging.


"It's fine. I am just scared I am gonna lose you. You haven't been yourself lately. And now that you have found your brother your twin no less. I guess I'm just scared your gonna forget about me." She says on the verge of tears.


"Lilybug you could never ever lose me. You have been my sister and best friend for as long as I an remember and no one will ever get in between that. And I know I haven't been myself lately. It's just been hard on me what losing my parents and all. I don't know I guess I just feel lost. They were always my rock and now that they aren't there I just don't know anymore." I say crying.


"Look at us. We have become a couple of pansy's. I guess I just miss you is all. Are you sleeping over at your brothers?" She asks trying to change the subject.


"Ooooo well if you meet curly hook a sistah up yow mean?!" She says in a horrible American accent.


"One never say that again. And two I have met him. He seems like a nice lad." I say.


"Well we all know you fancy the Irish one. What's his name?! Neil or something like that." She says going to her closet .


"God I could shoot you! It's NIALL!" I say laughing at her blondness even though she isn't blonde.


"Rawr my bad slag. Calm yo tits." She says laughing coming out with this short red dress and black heels.


"Haha. You know I luff you sweet cheeks. At least I won't be here when you bring home the guy of the night." I saying laughing.


"Hey I'm not a whore. Okay maybe I am. But you know I have trust issues especially after what Tyler  did to me. Do you really blame me for having a lot of hookups?!" She says. Tyler is her dick head of an ex boyfriend. He used to cheat on her and used to be abusive to her. So not a good guy. I was so glad when he got kicked to the curb. He even tried hitting me once. My boyfriend at the time nearly killed him when he found out.


"Yeah well Tyler is a dick head who can't go five minutes without looking at

himself or talking about himself. He wasn't worth it baby doll. You will find a great guy and if he ever hurts you I will end him." I say looking at her in the eyes.


"I know I'm just scared I guess. But anyways you go get ready for your night with Liam. Ill call you later to let you know I'm fine." She says pushing me out the door.


Oh well you can never win with that girl. I love her to bits.


I start getting ready and head on over to Liam's. As promised the boys aren't there. I wish Niall was though. I have been single wayyy to long for my liking. He has something that I like about him from what I can tell. I don't know what it is. He seems so carefree and innocent. 


I call Liam and tell him I am at the door (What your wearing to the right ------>) 


"Hey BROOKE!" Liam pulls me into a huge hug.


"Hey Liam. Missed me already, I see." I say smirking and hugging him back.


"Yeah I did actually since I have been looking for you for ages. Come in and lets go to my bedroom yeah? I will sleep on the floor so you can have the bed." He says smiling and taking my things.


I follow him through his HUGE house he shares with the boys.  And seriously? Him sleeping on the floor is ridiculous. Its not like we aren't related or anything.


"Liam why are you gonna sleep on the floor? Thats just ridiculous. We are siblings." I say once we get to his bedroom. Its so neat and tidy compared to mine. This boy needs to lighten up.


"Well I have a girlfriend. And I haven't had the chance to tell her about you so yeah I don't wanna make her think I am cheating on her. You know?" He says all serious.


"Hey Liam can I use your phone? Mine is about dead." I say lying.


"Yeah sure here." He says handing it to me and going into the bathroom.


I look up the name Dani


I diall it and it rings a few time before a very feminine voice anwsers.


"Hey babe!" She says all excited.


"Hi this isn't Liam. I am Brooke. I am his twin sister and I was just calling you asking if it was okay if we slept in the same bed. He is quite paranoid that you will think he is cheating on you." I say bluntly. I have a horrible headache and its getting worse. It can't possibly be what I am thinking it is. They said it wouldn't come back.


"Oh that silly boy. Let me talk to him." She says laughing.


"LIAM! Your girlfriend is on the phone for you." I say laughing trying to act like everything was okay. NO ONE could ever know. I kept it from everyone except my parents. I need to stahp freaking out.


"Thanks Brooke." He says coming and taking the phone.


I go to his movie cabinet and see that he has my faverite movies. I am so obsessed with the Harry Potter movies. I can quote them. My faveorite is The Half Blood Prince. MEH he is watching it with me if I have to tie him down to do it. I know many girls wanna be able to say they did that.


"Hey Brooke. Find a movie you wanna watch?" Liam asks coming back in with a smile.


"YES! I love Harry Potter so can we please watch it. PLEASE!" I say fake pouting. Lily won't watch it with me. Because I compare her to Lily Potter all the time.


"Of course we can! I love Harry Potter (IDK IF HE DOES OR NOT)." He says taking the movie and putting it on. I must control my fan girling. Don't wanna scare him. MEH! YOLO!

Just kidding I hate YOLO like with a passion. 


-Sometime during the movie-


"God I hate that fat cow. Kissing Hermione's man. The nerve of her." I say talking about Lavender. 


"It's just a movie Brooke." Liam says laughing at me. 


"NO it's not just a movie! It's my life!" I say sticking out my tongue at him.


We hear the door bang close. The lads must have gotten home early.


"HARRY I TOLD YOU NOT TO DO THAT!" We hear Paul scolding Harry.


"Hey lads." Liam says walking into the room me close behind him.


"Who is this hottie? You cheating on Dani? Liam you naughty boy!" Harry says and may I add he is quite drunk.


"NO you tosser. I would NEVER cheat on Dani! This is my sister WHO may I add you met today." Liam says with a hint of warning in his voice. I look over at Niall and see he looks sad. Hmmm I wonder why.


"Chill Liam. We all know Niall thinks she's fit. I am gonna let him have her." Harry says smirking.


"GOD Harry! Go to bed your drunk." Niall says yelling at him. He is blushing. God he is soo cute. 


"Guys I am NOT a toy that you can just decide who gets a turn with it." I say walking into the kitchen on the hunt for some Nutella and grapes. YUM!


I turn around and see Niall followed me.


"Hey Niall. How was clubbing?" I ask trying to forget what happened. 


"Oh it was fun. I guess. I just get tired of it all you know? What are you looking for?" He asks me smiling at me tiredly.


"OH! I want some Nutella and grapes." I say excitedly.


As he goes to get the Nutella for me my phone rings. I look and see it's Lily.


"Hey Lilybug. Why are you calling?" I ask worried.


"Oh I am just back home and I MISSSSSSSSSSSS YOU." She says. Yup she's wasted. 


"I miss you too baby. Why don't you have someone with you?" I ask her. I look up and see that Niall has my baby Nutella in his hands. "Gimmie gimmie please! And I will love you forever." I say too him.


"Ohhhhh who you with?" She says her words slurring.


"Oh you know 'Neil'." I say making her laugh. "But no really its Niall. He found my baby Nutella. It was hiding from me." I say laughing and eating a nutella covered grape.


"Well be adventurous! I dare you too kiss him." She says giggling like mad. 


"Niall come here!" I say planning on doing it. Meh why not. I do think I like him. More than a friend that is.


When he's close to me I grab him by the collar of his polo and kiss him full on the mouth. As corny as this is butterflies errupted in my stomach. 


I let go off him and walk away leaving him there with a stunned look on his face. Maybe he felt it too? That spark and that feeling of rightness.


-Niall's Point of Veiw-


And she kissed. Like that. And then left. What the fuck. I can't lie and say I didn't feel anything. Because I did. But I don't even know. She tasted like Nutella. I think I might start like Nutella now.


-Your Point of Veiw-


"Soooo why are you calling again?" I ask making my way into the living room where the lads are minus Harry I think.


"I wannnnt you too sing to meeeee." She says whining. I see they have a balcony. I step onto it and start singing her fave song Lego House by Ed Sheeran.


I hear her breathing even out and I know that means shes falling asleep. When I get done I tell her to hang up the phone and sleep.


I notice its raining and have a sudden urge to go dancing in the rain. I notice Liam standing at the door looking shocked. I guess he didn't know I could sing. Oooops?


"Liam come outside with me!" I say laughing at his expression. He needs to lighten up I swear.


"NO BROOKE ITS RAINING!" He says yelling. "Thats the point silly!" I laugh pulling him outside. I run out in the street and starting laughing like crazy. This feels exhilerating. Like I have no problems in the world. I look and see Liam standing at the door looking dissapproving at me.


"Brooke please come inside before you get sick!" He yells over the rain. I didn't even notice the car coming towards me. It barely hits me. But Liam freaks the fuck out and makes me go to the hospital just to be told that I was fine.


"Brooke I told you that you were going to get sick or hurt! Your lucky that car was going slow and saw you or you could have been seriously hurt." He says scolding and ranting at me.


"I know Liam. I was just starting to feel better especially after what just happened not even three weeks ago. You try and have the people who you care about just taken away from you. Dancing in the rain made me feel free for the first time in three weeks since that horrible night." I say having a panic attack.


"I am sorry Brooke. I just found you. I don't wanna lose you again. Please understand that." He says as we pull up to there house. Its still raining may I add.


He pulls me out and starts dancing in the rain with me.

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