He's my WHAT?!?!?!?!?!

Imagine you growing up in England. You knew you were adopted but you never knew who your biological family was. You hire a private investigator to find out for you and you couldn't possibly imagine who your family turned out to be. Not only is it impossible to get in contact with this person (Who turns out not to be only your brother but your twin brother at that) and honestly who would believe you. Oh and did I mention he is in the worlds biggest boy band. Yeah its Liam Payne and who knew one meeting could change your life forever as you know it.


1. Excuse Me?

Chapter One 
You were your normal every day girl. You always knew you were adopted but you didn't really have any desire to find your family. If they didn't love you enough to keep you then they sure as hell didn't have any right to be in your life did they now? Well maybe you should start off by introducing yourself. Your name is Brooklyn Caroline Thatcher and your from London, England where you live with your parents Barbara and Phillip (Phill for short.) Your family is actually very well off. You have like super long blonde hair and the brownest eyes. You are 18 and you are an aspiring singer. But you don't know if thats really the life for you. People telling you what to wear and how to act. And who you are allowed to date and what to eat. Its just not who you are. But you really enjoy singing. 

So you were sitting at home one night and your parents had gone out to a benifit. They asked you to join them but they and you both know your not one to go to fancy parties. You don't like fancy parties at all really. You would prefer to stay home and sing and write music really. Its getting quite late and its not like your parents to be gone long. You were just about to go call them when you hear a knock at the door. Thinking your parents couldn't find the keys you go to open it and see two policeman standing at your door.

"Hello officers. How can I help you?" You ask even though you had a gut feeling that this wasn't good news.
"Ma'am are you a Miss Brooklyn Thatcher?" The one on the left asks you.
"Uhm yes that is me. What is going on officer?" You ask him. You see him look at his partner with a sad look in his eyes.
"I am so sorry Miss but your parents were in a really bad accident. A drunk driver hit them head first. They were rushed to the nearest hospital but there was nothing they could do. They just passed away about an hour ago." He says looking at you with pity in his eyes.

"Thank you sir." You say gruffly and close the door. You head to your parents bedroom and just lay in there bed taking in there scent and cry your eyes out. You never thought in a million years this would happen. You realize you truly are alone now. Your parents were both only children and your grandparents died before you were born. Your real family didn't love you enough to want to keep you. You were completely and utterly alone.

The next few days flew by so fast. It seemed like you were just living in a daze. You hired a private investigator to find your biological family. You didn't know if this was gonna be good news or bad news. Rather than going to meet with him in his private office he was just gonna call you with the news.

"Hello Miss Thatcher. Its Detective Weatherly." He says as soon as you pick up your mobile.
"Hello Mr.Weatherly. So did you find anything on my biological family?" You ask him holding your breath and crossing your fingers.
"Why yes I did Miss. Are you sitting down? Because this may come to you as quite a shock." He says to you.
"Yes I am. Hit me with the news." You say.
"Well you see the thing is your brother is Liam Payne...." He says to you.


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