The Styles Brothers

"Who're they?"

"The Styles Brothers. Don't mess with them, they're nothing but trouble."


2. What's So Bad About Them?

I sat and thought about it for a while. What's so bad about them? The way they had walked through the cafeteria made them look like they owned the whole world. "What's so bad about them?" I asked carefully. "Okay, short version", Ashley said, "they got suspended last year after being in a massive fight, some even say they went to prison". Patrick broke in: "Yea, they've done a lot of bad things like steeling. I heard they stole a really expensive car!" "What about that one time when Harry beat up his girlfriend in the bathroom because she had cheated on him?" Ashley spoke again. "He did that?" I said surprised not really sure what to believe, "by the way which one of them is Harry?" "The guy with the sunglasses", Ashley answered, "the other one with the hoodie is Joey". That was all I got to know before the bell rang. "We gotta go now", Ashley said and pulled Patrick with him, "Bye!" I got up from my seat, took the gross lunch food and tossed it in the trash. As I walked to my next class everyone in the hall way was talking about Harry and Joey. "I still want him though" I heard a girl say. "Even after what he did to his ex-girlfriend?" Another girl asked. I guess it was true then, what they said about Harry since more people were talking about it. "Harry started doing drugs after the whole thing with his ex-girlfriend", A girl said. "No way, he's not doing drugs!" Another girl stated. "Haven't you seen how pale and skinny he has become?" The first girl said in defence. I began to walk faster. I didn't want to hear more about them, it was bad enough by now. Still I couldn't help but hear the voices around me. "He got 3 girls pregnant and claimed he wasn't the father". "He has been arrested for drunk driving, I don't know if anyone died". "They've both been in a lot of fights since they got suspended". It was all around me. I tried to lock the voices out of my head and just hurry to class. My last class was math. I couldn't focus on a single problem. My thoughts were to much filled up with Joey and Harry. What if all this people are saying is really true? Maybe it's just rumors. I really hoped it was just rumors. No one can be that bad at the age of 19... Can they? Many questions were running through my head. I wanted to meet these two guys to find out the real truth. But I knew I would never be able to. Even after all they've done if even true they still have a lot of girls who wants to be with them. They are still popular. As I was sitting there in my own little world the teacher came down to me and knocked on my desk. I got so surprised I almost jumped out of my chair. "Don't you think you should be doing your math right now?" Mr Cope said. It was obvious he was annoyed by me. "Just because you are new here doesn't mean the rules are different for you so start working!" He said firmly. "Yes, Mr Cope", I tried to say as politely as possible but my voice came out sounding like a choking mouse. I opened up my book once again but I still couldn't quite focus. I was so relieved when the bell rang. I got up quickly and gathered my books together and put them in my bag pack. I swung it over my shoulder and went out the classroom. My mum got off work the same time I got out of school so I knew she would be here in about 10 minutes to pick me up. I walked down the hall way till I reached the front doors. It was now 3:05 PM so my mum would be here soon. I decided to wait outside because of the good weather. About 60 degrees and the sun was out. That's what I love about spring, the weather is always so comfortable. I looked around the parking lot searching for my mum's car. I knew I wouldn't be able to miss it if she was there. And yup there she was in her bright pink car. 

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