The Styles Brothers

"Who're they?"

"The Styles Brothers. Don't mess with them, they're nothing but trouble."


1. First Day of School

I hate being the new kid. Everyone knows who you are. Well, maybe not your name but they know you don't belong there. I on the other hand didn't know anybody. As I walked down the hall way everyone seemed to make enough room around me just to make it even more obvious that I didn't know anybody. It felt like everyone had their eyes on me as I walked past them, maybe because they actually did. I don't like getting too much attention and especially not this way. I tried to walk faster through the crowds of people without making it seem like I wanted to escape even though that actually was my plan. I finally reached my next class; art, with Mrs Damon. I just walked in the classroom and found a free seat without looking at anybody. I sat there waiting for the bell to ring so the lesson could start. *Ding dang ding dang ding* there it was. The teacher started out with telling what the next project should be about. Apparently they had just finished drawing their self portrait. I'm glad I wasn't a part of that. Mine would have turned out horrible 'cause I hate drawing pictures of myself. I don't mind drawing pictures of others though, somehow that turns out a lot better for me which was why I loved hearing those next few words from the teacher: "Our next project is to draw a portrait of a person of your choice, it could be your best friend, a sibling or maybe your idol I don't care as long as you write on your paper who you drew. Remember to focus on shading that's what I'm going to be grading you on. Let's get started. All the supplies you need is up on the table as usual." I got up from my seat and went over to the table, I grabbed a pencil and a piece of paper and went back to my seat. I saw a few other people in the classroom pull out their headphones to listen to music so as did I. I focus a lot better when listening to music. The class went by fast which was good, the bad thing was that I now had lunch and nobody to sit with. I decided not to think too much about it and just get my lunch and sit down at a table. I got to the cafeteria as one of the first people so the line wasn't that long yet. I got my food and sat down at a table close to the windows. I looked at my food, some of it I couldn't even tell what was. I took a bite of my apple when a guy suddenly sat next to me. "Hi!" he said, "you're the new girl right?" I gave him a confused look and nodded. "Do you have any plans this weekend?" he continued. I opened my mouth about to answer his question when a girl interrupted by scooching in between me and him. "Don't mind him", she said, "he's just being his weird self. I'm Ashley by the way". "Uhm.. Okay hi", I said a bit startled trying to smile. "Sorry for this way to meet", Ashley said, "we just saw you sitting here all alone". "No, it's fine", I said, "I appreciate you coming over to me". "That's Patrick by the way", Ashley said pointing to the boy next to her. "Yea, hi", I said still confused about the way he came over to me in the first place. He waved at me and gave me a smile; "and your name?" "Oh sorry I'm Samantha", I answered. "But just call me Sam", I added quickly. "Alright!" Patrick said, "How's your food?" "I honestly have no idea what I'm eating", I said looking down at my food trying to identify what was on my plate. "Yea, that's the problem with the food here..." He said. "So I assume you guys don't eat the canteen food?" I said questionable. "Right, we stopped doing that a long time ago", Ashley answered. "So what do you do?" I asked again. "I just bring a few snacks to eat in class", Ashley said, "you get used to not eating lunch. "Anyway, why'd you move he-" Patrick tried to say but was interrupted by the sudden noise in the cafeteria. Everyone was gasping and whispering to each other. "What's going on?" I asked looking at Patrick. I got no respond. I looked around the cafeteria. Everyone was looking the same direction. I turned my head just in time to see two boys walking in the door to the cafeteria from outside the building. They looked exactly alike except a few small differences like their hairstyle and the clothes they were wearing. I followed them with my eyes as they walked through the cafeteria. I was only focusing on one of the boys since they looked so much alike I saw no point in trying to look at them both at the same time. He had brown kind of curly hair, you could see he had spent time doing his hair. He had sunglasses on that were so dark that you could impossibly see his eyes. He wore tight black jeans, a white shirt, a coat over it and some kind of brown worn out boots. I kept starring till they turned around the corner and stepped into the hall way. The moment they disappeared around the corner everyone in the cafeteria started talking. It was the most noise I've ever experienced. I turned my head to Ashley "who're they?" "The Styles brothers. Don't mess with them, they're nothing but trouble."

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