The Styles Brothers

"Who're they?"

"The Styles Brothers. Don't mess with them, they're nothing but trouble."


3. Driver's License

"Don't you think you should get a new car?" I asked her as I got in. "Why? You can just get your own car", she said. "Mum, I don't even have a driver's license yet", I reminded her. "And who's fault is that sweetie? You're 17", she said smiling at the last part. "I just haven't had the time yet to get my permit", I started out but was cut off quickly by my mum: "Well, let's go now then!" Yea, my mum is always like that. She's very spontaneous but sometimes that's good. "Uhm.. Okay", I said a bit overwhelmed. I didn't see that come. She just laughed at my reaction and drove out of the parking lot.

We arrived to the DMV and mum parked the car and got out quickly. She was apparently really excited about this. Way more than I was. I had only gotten one leg out of the car and she was already by the door ready to enter the building as she yelled after me; "You coming?" and then she waved her hand at me indicating I should hurry over. I walked/jogged towards her and heard the car bibbing as my mum locked the doors. Inside there weren't as many people as expected I guess we chose a good time and date for doing this. I went up to the woman at the counter and told her I was here to get my permit. She looked at me with dead eyes, sighed and with a monotonous voice said; "here's a pen, the papers are there", she pointed, "fill them out and go in that door when your number is called". Wauw, she looked no where near excited about her job, I thought to myself as I took the pen and the form. I sat down next to my mum and asked her if she'd gotten me a number. "Yes, darling number 257 and now it's 248", she answered, "so you've got enough time to fill out the form". "Name? Samantha Lonie Jones", I said pronouncing my middle name with displeasure while looking at my mum. She knew I didn't like my middle name and never had. Every time I asked her about it she would just say that she didn't understand me and that Lonie is a lovely name and I should be happy to have it because it had belonged to my great grand mother blah blah blah. And every time I would tell her that it wasn't a lovely name and it just sounded like 'lonely' as if I was meant to not have that many friends. I never tell anyone that I have a middle name, the only one who actually knows about it is my mum and then of course myself. I only use it if highly necessary for instance now to fill out this form because it says full name like on your passport.

"Okay, done!" I said as I signed the form. "Let me see," my mum said and I handed it to her. "Looks like you got them all right", she chuckled thinking she was funny, "wait! What about this one?" She pointed at a line where you were supposed to check yes or no to organ donation if an accident should happen. "What about it?" I asked looking at her not knowing where she was going with this. "You checked no", she said judgingly. "What's the problem with that?" I asked her. "I just think it would be more right to check yes 'cause if an accident were to happen and you died - which we hope not but if - then you'd be dead and gone anyway so you might as well help other people survive by donating your organs", she explained. "Right, yeah I see your point", I said and changed my answer on the form.

I looked up on the screen; it said number 256. Only one more number to go, I thought for myself as the screen blinked and the number changed. "Number 257", the speaker sounded. "I'll just wait out here", my mum said as I walked into the other room, "Oh and good luck with the test!" "Test?!" I said horrified as the door closed and I heard my mum laugh for herself. "How my I help you?" the man at the counter asked me.

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