Shiver in the river

True story. please read and leave feedback xx


1. Shiver in the river


Shiver in the river

Sailing along cool and calm,

Loosing control, becoming lodged to the riverbank,

I don't know what to do, shall I raise the alarm?

But no-one notices me no-one is coming to save me, my mind has gone blank,


I begin to realise everyone is to busy to help,

So I climb out the boat to give it a push,

No-body can here my fearful yelps,

I am stuck waist deep in thick mud my hearts a hush,


Fear overwhelms me as the tide begins to rise,

No-one hearing me seeing me,

The water level almost reaching my paranoid eyes,

I have no clue when I am to be set free,


Happiness is flooding me as I begin to see,

Help on its way,

Powering over, really fast towards me,

Tying me and the boat to them, they effortlessly pull me free and away!

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