Charlotte and Sam were best friends who loved one direction. When Charlotte takes Sam to their concert for her birthday, everything changes; as Charlotte goes from fangirl to Niall's girl.


2. What the..

"Charlotte did you see the way Niall looked at you!?!!?!" Sam nudges me as the lights go off and then on again. 

"What?" I did see, but tried not to believe it. 

"He blatantly fancies you!". Is she kidding? Why would he fancy me, I'm just a plain, simple looking girl. I mean, yeah I did have blue eyes and blonde hair but I wasn't like the blonde haired, blue eyed girls you'd expect. 

We walk out talking about the show and how Harry waved at Sam until we were interrupted.

"Excuse me maam, can you come with me?". I was approached by a huge man, probably twice my size, motioning me to walk with him, and I start to panic. 


"It's okay miss, you didn't do anything wrong, someone wants to see you."

Hmm, who would want to see me that had security the size of Texas?

And there he was, that perfect Irish boy, standing right in front of me. I froze in amazement and no words came out of my mouth and it dropped to the floor.

"Hey". Wow his accent was so cute, and his smile was amazing.

"Hi" I said shyly. Cut me some slack, this guy standing in front of me was in the biggest boyband in the world and I have been crushing on him for nearly 3 years.

We talk for a bit (yes i manage to get words out of my mouth) before he gets called to go in by his manager.

"It was nice meeting you, can I...get your number?"

Holy crap. Niall fricking Horan just asked for MY number. MINE! What do I say?

"Yeah okay."

Smooth, Charlotte, smooth. I give him my number and walk out with Sam, both silent until we get out of the arena.

"Oh my gosh, Charlotte!" She carries on talking but none of it seems to go through. I was still in shock. The most beautiful boy on the planet just asked me for my number. No one had really done that before. I couldn't believe it.

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