Charlotte and Sam were best friends who loved one direction. When Charlotte takes Sam to their concert for her birthday, everything changes; as Charlotte goes from fangirl to Niall's girl.


8. Ugh. I hate my dad

Niall dropped me home and went to his flat. I texted Sam straight away to tell her the news.

I'm so happy for you, even though its still strange for me! When will you go public? xox

Yeah, of course it would be strange for her to see her best friend going out with someone from one direction, seeing as we were huge fans. People always said the boys wouldn't date fans because they're just 'kids' or 'immature and annoying' but Niall never saw me like that. I was his girlfriend now, not a fan. Things were going to be very different. We hadn't even thought about going public.

My family came in soon after I did and I sat them all down to tell them the news, not sure how I was going to say it and how they were going to take it. "Guys, I have to tell you something." They all looked puzzled. "The night me and Sam went to the one direction concert, I met Niall afterwards and we really hit it off." They all looked ten times more puzzled now. "We have been hanging out ever since and... now we're together." My mum smiled, my sister was shocked and my dad genuinely didn't know what to say. He looked really angry.

"You're not actually going out with him are you?" His voice got louder and louder, and I became a little scared. "He's like 20 years old Charlotte! I won't allow it."

"Dad, I can do whatever I want! I'm 16, I'm not a kid anymore."

"Yes you are! I don't want you seeing him!" Ugh, I hate my dad.

I told my mum and sister that things were going to change, and we'd probably have paps everywhere. If people find out, I'm going to be all over Twitter, newspapers, the news. This shall be fun.


A couple of months passed and me and Niall were doing really well. He'd finished the tour now and I'd finished school so we were spending a lot more time together. We were sitting on the sofa in his flat, me in his arms, watching Grease. Best movie ever. 

"I love you." Niall whispers the 3 words softly into my ear as I snuggle closer into his chest. I look into his eyes which are deep filled with emotion and kiss him. 

"I love you too." He wraps his muscly arms around me tight and we fall asleep. 

Niall POV:

She slept so peacefully, I didn't want to wake her. I sang her a lullaby and watched her, she looked so beautiful. We're in love. But I'm going to have to date her for years before we get serious. When am I going to tell the fans? They'd be so upset. I just hope none of them send her horrible messages. I can take it, but I don't know if she can. That'll hurt me... 

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