Charlotte and Sam were best friends who loved one direction. When Charlotte takes Sam to their concert for her birthday, everything changes; as Charlotte goes from fangirl to Niall's girl.


4. The next day

Niall POV:

I woke up at around lunchtime, served with pancakes made by Chef Liam. He always made us breakfast, the cutie.

"Thanks Li" I joined the boys at the table and prepared for the questions.

"So when you gonna see that girl again?" "What's her name?"

"I don't know" I laughed, and so did they. "I should probably text her." I scoffed down my pancakes and went back to my bunk, pulling my phone out from under my pillow.

Hey, it's Niall! I didn't even get your name!


Charlotte POV:

I went up to my room after lunch as I heard my phone go off. 1 new message, from Niall. OMG.

Hey! My name's Charlotte hehe :)

We exchange a few texts and ask each other a few questions. He was so nice, and genuine. I had forgotten that he was Niall Horan from One Direction and just saw him as Niall - a guy I had met casually. I really wanted to tell people, but knew it probably was best if I didn't. Sam obviously knew, so I guess I had to warn her.


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