Charlotte and Sam were best friends who loved one direction. When Charlotte takes Sam to their concert for her birthday, everything changes; as Charlotte goes from fangirl to Niall's girl.


1. The Concert

The day had come. Me and Sam had waited so long for this day, to finally see our boys up close and personal. Well, we had seen them in concert before just not this close. We were always on the last row of the highest level, but today we were on the floor.

"I can't believe how close we are." says Sam as we walk to our seats.

"Oh my gosh, we're right next to the middle stage!". There was an extra stage that was positioned a bit further out from the main stage, that the boys would to do shoutouts or sing covers on. This was going to be a great night. 


So after hours of waiting, singing and screaming, the boys finally made their way to the mini stage next to us. We ran to the edge and waved our arms about to get noticed. Sam got a wave off of Harry which sent her into fangirl-mode for the next few minutes. I just stared at Niall - he was my favourite. He was so cute, so funny. I couldn't believe that he was this close to me. If only he would look at me...

And then he did.

It was magical. Not like one of those looks they give just to show they've acknowledged their fans, it was like... 

What am i saying, Niall doesn't fancy me. He just looked at me like all the other fans, yeah that's what it was. I sighed as he walked away. And just like that, the concert was over.

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