Charlotte and Sam were best friends who loved one direction. When Charlotte takes Sam to their concert for her birthday, everything changes; as Charlotte goes from fangirl to Niall's girl.


5. School

I hate Monday mornings, have to wake up at 7am after normally waking up at around 10 on the weekend. School didn't help. I got dressed, ate my breakfast and left the house to meet Sam. We walked into school together and I told her to keep quiet about Niall. We couldn't tell everyone incase it got out.

"How was the concert guys?!" Katie shouts as we walk into form, getting stares from everyone in the room.

"It was amazing, so much fun!" I replied, Sam just jumping in her seat. We were soon joined by Mel who had an evil smirk on her face.

"So how far away were you this time ladies?" She asks and laughs to herself. Little did she know.

"We were actually really close, we were on the floor!" Sam defends us and shoots Mel a jokily evil look. 

"Right next to the middle stage!" I add, and we all laugh. We talk about the concert all morning, leaving out the fact that I caught the eye of Niall Horan and he asked for my number. School went by pretty quick and as soon as I got home I recieved a text from Niall.

Hey, how was your day?

How sweet! I replied that my day was boring and that I hated school, and did not get a reply for a while. Crap, did Niall think I was older? Would he be put off if he knew I was 16? 


Niall POV:

Oh, she's still in school... I thought she was older, maybe she's in sixth form... It doesn't matter how old she is! Age is just a number, and I really like her.

Time had flew so fast. Me and Charlotte had been texting for a few weeks now and our tour had moved to Scotland. I kinda missed her, she was cute, always laughing. I really wanted to see her! Maybe I should ask her out, take her on a date. We had a day off today, as we had done 2 shows in a row. The boys were gonna look around Glasgow for the day, but I had better things to do!

Hey Charlotte, I know you're in school at the moment but I was wondering if we could meet later? I could pick you up from school maybe, I've got a day off. If you want to that is :) x

Yeah that should do it, very casual Nialler. I told the boys I was going out and headed back to London. It would take a while to get there so I left straight away. I know she'd say yeah, well I hoped...

The drive was so long! I danced along in my range rover to the radio and thought about how cute Charlotte would look in her uniform and where I would take her. Dinner? The park? Hmm....

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