Charlotte and Sam were best friends who loved one direction. When Charlotte takes Sam to their concert for her birthday, everything changes; as Charlotte goes from fangirl to Niall's girl.


6. First Date

Charlotte POV:

I was sitting in Science with Sam when my phone vibrated in my pocket. We weren't allowed phones in school so I sneakily checked it under the table, Sam nosily checking it too. 

"Is that Niall?" she whispered and I quickly shushed her. 

"Yeah!" I said trying to hide my excitement. "He wants to pick me up from school, take me somewhere. Oh my gosh." By this time Sam's face was lit and she was squeezing my arm. Ouch.

"Say yes! Oh my gosh this is so weird! But hey I thought they were in Scotland today?" Yes, we were directioners remember, we knew where they were all the time. I shrugged and texted him back agreeing to his deal, telling him the address. I then daydreamed of Niall picking me up in his car and taking me to a feild filled with beautiful flowers and we lay in the middle talking and cuddling. It was interrupted by Sam who was violently nudging me. "Look at that Range Rover! Oh my gosh its beautiful!" She was obsessed with them cars. I looked over at the car and admired it. 

I'm outside I think haha! He texted.

"Oh my gosh, Sam I think that's Niall's car!" I whispered, and her mouth dropped. 

I see you haha, nice car ;) 

The lesson finished and I gathered my stuff together nervously. I walked to Niall's car slowly, with Sam tagging along. We hugged at the gate and she left, leaving me there breathing heavily. I took a deep breath and walked to Niall's car, putting on a smile and he opened the door for me. 

"Hey you!" He said with a huge smile. Damn he looked so good. I smiled back and got in. 


Niall POV:

Wow I was right, she looked good in her uniform. She never stops smiling, its so cute! She turned up the radio when Kiss You came on, and giggled. I liked that. I stared at her as she danced and sang along to my song, happy and carefree. She was so relaxed, which was surprising as I thought she'd be so nervous. She told me she was, but I guess I changed that. I didn't even know where I was driving, I was just driving. I couldn't even care, I just wanted to be with her. 

"Do you even know where you're going?" She laughed, and I laughed too, because I had no idea! We saw a Mcdonalds in the distance and she pointed.

"We could go there?" She suggested and I drove in. I opened the door for her to get out and opened the door in Mcdonalds too, because I was a gentleman, and she smiled sweetly. She could kill me with her smiles, they were so damn cute. I brought our food and we sat at an intimate table. I guess intimate wasn't the right word as we were sat in Mcdonalds not a posh restaurant. But this were her choice, and I guess it was okay.

"So how's school then?" I asked to break the silence, as much as I liked looking at her.

"Yeah it was okay, same old really" She laughed, and ate a chip. "How's the tour going?"

"Yeah it's going great, really fun!" I replied.

We talked about school and the boys and family when she randomly said "I'm 16 you know" with a sad look. 

"That's okay" I reassured her, and her face lit up. "3 years is nothing" I winked and she giggled. We finished our food and I drove her home, she had to give me directions as I had no idea where I was going. It was nice, just driving around with her. Girls normally just scream at me and I hate that, but she was so calm and she didn't talk about me and the boys at all. She asked about me, and what I'm like, which felt good, as normally people ask me about the other boys. We sat in the car outside her house, finishing our conversation.

"Thanks for today, it was really fun" 

"Anytime" I replied. "Maybe we could do this again sometime?"

"Yeah, when you have another day off. But don't drive down all the way from Scotland or whatever, I'm not worth that!" Oh she was so wrong, she was so worth it. She didn't know how great she was. I kissed her on the cheek and opened the door for her. I watched her walk to her door and she waved goodbye. I waved back and drove off.


Charlotte POV:

Oh my gosh, that was so amazing. I didn't want to go to a fancy restaurant anyway, Mcdonalds was perfect. Even if we sat in his car the whole time it would be fine, as long as I was with him. He made me feel so good, he took away all my stress and made me happy. I know it was only the first date but I really like him. I can't wait to see him again. I texted Sam and told her all about it, as she was the only one I could really tell, and I needed to tell someone!

Weeks went by and me and Niall would talk at every opportunity. He was really busy with the tour but always found time for me. We would text, call and we even facetimed once, which was funny. He always made me laugh and I would often forget that I was just a fan. He never treated me like one, never spoke of me being younger than him. He was perfect. I was really missing him, but I couldn't see him as he was in Wales which was ages away. His manager, Paul, told him off for coming to see me last time and said he should've been with the other boys because the paparazzi would ask questions and make up stories. They couldn't know about us, that would ruin everything.

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